Framing the Dialogue

Inflexible (in-flek-suh-buhl)

The dictionary defines Inflexible as:

  1. not flexible; incapable of or resistant to being bent; rigid: an inflexible steel rod.
  2. of a rigid or unyielding temper, purpose, will, etc.; immovable: an inflexible determination.
  3. not permitting change or variation; unalterable

Synonyms: unbendable, stiff, rigorous, stern, unrelenting, unremitting, stubborn, obstinate, intractable, obdurate, unbending, adamant,Inflexible,relentless, implacable, inexorable

Example 1:  Sometimes it is funny how things come together when gathering information for a post.  The first example comes from an intersection that I pass twice a day commuting for work.  Some improvements were made and inflexibly the contractors installed ADA compliant curbs at three of the four the corners.  What is wrong with that you say?  Well none of those “wheelchair” curb lead to any sidewalks, one is on the edge of a very steep hill, and all are located on the edge of a very busy four-lane roadway.  I cannot think of any good reason why someone would want to cross the road here.

Example 2:  The second example is at an intersection near where I grew up and has always been a four lane, one way roadway.   I was stopped at an intersection leading in to the road and happened to notice the array of signs pictured at the left.  There are, count them, eight traffic signs shouting at you that the only way you can go is to turn right.  Message received.  So why do I have to “right turn signal”?  What purpose does it serve to signal when that’s the only way that I can go.  My spider sense tells me that there is a rule, and inflexible rule, governing the signage at this intersection.  They’re probably only a few hundred each installed.

Example 3:  There is no logical way to explain the following headline other than government inflexibility,

Business Leaders Will Reportedly Face Jail Time for Claiming Water Prevents Dehydration

The only good news is that it is the UK government which reportedly conducted a three-year investigation and “European Union officials now conclude there is no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact” that water prevents dehydration.  No word on their study that ice does not decrease the temperature of water.

Example 4:  This one may be as much of a nanny-state issue, but the underlying fact is that a school district creates an inflexible rule at the behest of one parent,

Toronto school bans ‘hard balls’

Again it was not an American school, but you can be sure that there are plenty of U.S. principals looking to do the same thing.  Perhaps the most bizarre thing is that I first read the article thinking that they banned hard baseballs, but they actually consider any ball other than Nerf for sponge balls “hard balls.”

Example 5:  I am not a fisherman, but have been around enough of them to hear about the one that got away.  It was always the biggest one they ever saw and they had to stretch their arms apart to the fullest to attempt to show the size.  None have ever claimed that their fish weighed 881 pounds like a Massachusetts fisherman.  Unfortunately for him it was a bluefin tuna, he caught it with a net, and alerted officials about his catch at which time they confiscated the fish that was probably worth nearly a half a million dollars.  I could not verify the allegation that the tuna was taken to the White House for use at one of their cocktail parties.

Example 6:  Jim and Tracy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…The names and times have changed since I was young.  Instead of love then marriage kids now days get charged with assault,

Cops Summoned To Florida Elementary School After Girl Kisses Boy In Phys Ed Class

“The kiss apparently occurred after two girls debated over whom the boy liked more. That’s when one of the girls “went over and kissed” the boy.”

None of the children or their parents alleged sexual assault the act was witnessed by a teacher who reported it.  I could not verify the report that Disney was going to rewrite the famous The Little Mermaid song “Kiss The Girl” as it is now considered to be promoting sexual battery.

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