Framing the Dialogue

Indefensible (in·de·fen(t)-sə-bəl )

The dictionary defines indefensible as:

1. Incapable of being maintained as right or valid

2. Incapable of being justified or excused .

indefensibleSynonyms: inexcusable, inexpiable, insupportable, unforgivable, unjustifiable, unpardonable, unwarrantable

This is where I usually start the examples and I will soon.  The muse for this post was a commercial shown on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s show last night.  The commercial was from a group opposed to Stand Your Ground Laws throughout the United States.  The images and sound in the commercial exploit the Zimmerman/Martin killing in Florida.  I began to think of the number of issues that the left/progressives/liberals/Democrats oppose that make the most sense to the rest of us.  Here we go!

Example 1:  If my memory serves me right the Stand Your Ground Laws were enacted because a large number of victims were being charged with murder after killing their attackers.  Some prosecutors were making the case that victims “did not try hard enough to escape the assaulter” and therefore had no justification to kill their future murderer.  Many of these victims were women who killed an abusive spouse and really feared that they would be killed at some point.  The Stand Your Ground laws said that you could stand your ground and defend yourself and even use deadly force if necessary.  You no longer had to run away first.  You had a defense that was legal.  The Left is, for some reason, against the ability to defend yourself, perhaps even saving your own life or the lives of your family to the benefit of those trying to harm you.  HOW THEY CAN TAKE THIS POSITION IS INDEFENSIBLE.  They are also dishonest in using the Zimmerman/Martin case as the marketing ploy.  By all accounts Martin was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot.  Stand Your Ground was not used as a defense in the Zimmerman trial.  Again the Left is willing to exploit a case and ram the round peg in the square hole to try to make their case.  Facts don’t matter when you have the narrative.  You have to question the quality of their arguments when they cannot make the case based on real facts.

Example 2:  Gun control is a favorite thing to go after by liberals.  This nearly indefensible position always employs the latest crisis to in an attempt to not let it go to waste.  The laws and bans to limit the ability to own guns only hurt the citizens that try to comply with the law and really doesn’t affect the criminals, who by nature, don’t care about breaking laws…hence calling them criminals.  Study after study after study shows that the more legal, upstanding citizen have guns the fewer crimes are committed.  It is indefensible to me for the Democrat party which is trying to create rights for jobs, housing, health care, internet, cars, etc. actually spends a great deal of time trying to taking away one of the ACTUAL RIGHTS written into The Constitution.

Example 3:  The leftist-in-charge (Obama) and his minion (Holder) have been on a crusade to fight Voter I.D. laws.  They claim that it is racist to require the same level of identification for what is perhaps our most precious right that is required to purchase spray paint at WallMart.  The federal government is spending millions upon millions of our tax dollars filing lawsuits against states that are simply trying to make voting fair and above board.  The vast majority of Americans support laws that require voter identification.  Those of us who take the time to vote especially want to know that the sacred ballot is not being violated by cheaters.

school vouchersExample 4:  Education vouchers is another hot topic reviled by the left.  The basis of this is to allow parents some choice in where to send their children to school using money that they pay in taxes.  You can send your children to a private school, but you still have to pay to support the local public school.  Obviously if you are wealthy enough this doesn’t matter and you can afford to do what’s best for your children.  So vouchers really help the less fortunate who are often minorities.  One of the first acts carried out by President Barrack Hussein Obama upon taking office was to kill the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program which helped mostly black children escape from poor public schools.  We know the reason!  It is better to protect the thousands in the teachers’ unions than a hundred or so black children…many of whom would look like you if you had sons.

Example 5:  Libretards always want more and more poor people to enter freely into the United States.  They wail against any attempts at border security seeming to want the United States to be the only country in the world with open borders.  Hell even the most prolific exporter of people, Mexico, has security on their other borders.  This position again goes against what most Americans want.  Even if you subtract those illegals who seek to do us real harm (i.e. Boston bombers) the shear costs of illegal immigrants is bound to sink our economy.  Any argument that these folks are living in the shadows and are exploited is dwarfed by the fact that they entered American illegally.  They are not citizens and have not rights as citizens.  If we need to update our immigration policy and quotas let’s have that congressional debate and make the changes.

xl pipelineExample 6:  The liberal energy policy seems indefensible as well as illogical.  They rally for renewable sources and deride reliable sources.  The illogic knows no bounds when it comes to liberals on energy.  They would rather have wind turbines that kill birds and bats than nuclear energy which has been clean and reliable for decades.  In fact they fight so hard against new nuclear facilities that we have to keep using duct tape to keep the existing ones running.  Any thought on how many decades it has been since a brand new nuclear energy plant has been built in the United States?  They rather eliminate oil altogether if not by their words than by their actions unless, of course, it is to tax us more.  The Keystone XL pipeline is a curious conundrum for the Obama-Left.  The Obama-Left opposes the pipeline which will bring Canadian oil (you know oil from a neighboring country that doesn’t send terrorists to kill us) to the United States for processing and use.  The pipeline will create thousands of jobs which Obama’s union members would vastly benefit from and in fact they support the project.  Without the pipeline the oil will most likely go to China or be shipped more “safely” by tanker or by train (I believe Obama supporter Warren Buffet’s company owns the rail line – I am not alleging any connection – just a pure coincidence I’m sure).  Wasn’t there a recent very serious accident in Canada with a train carrying oil?  Other positions is to support ethanol (taking the world’s food – corn and making inefficient fuel for cars), supporting solar (most panels are made in China), and routinely blocking any attempt to deliver clean fuels to the market.  I would suggest that we create an area where these folks can go live for a while where all of their energy dreams come true.  I don’t think many will stay too long.

Example 7:  I almost forgot a big one!  Liberals fight for “woman’s choice” which is the right to kill an unborn child.  How can one defend the killing of millions of unborn, innocent children.  Woman have a choice…don’t get pregnant.  I don’t want to hear about rape and incest as concessions can be made for those instances.  I am talking about wanton use of abortions as birth control!


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