Framing the Dialogue


improbableImagine what a gambling addict would do with the ability to not only see the future, but affect it.  Improbable in a thriller by Adam Fawer in which the United States government, Korean intelligence, KGB, Russian mobsters and others mix in a petri dish of intrigue and death.  The story revolves around two brothers, one a schizophrenic and the other an epileptic as they wander their psyche’s in this world and the “everywhen.”  Their tale is intertwined with a rogue CIA agent who acts as both a protector and a pawn in the world of Improbable.

Like most good novels this one had an interesting storyline and built on the drama and offered unexpected twists.  Everything may not have been as it seemed and it worked for me as the book was unputdownable (if the author can make up words so can I) the further I advanced in the story.  The only negative for me was the few lapses into detailed discussions about physics and statistics.  I guess it fit, but I read novels as an escape from really deep thought.  These sections were few and only lasted a few pages and fit the story so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Read it!


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