Framing the Dialogue

Immigration I Can Live With

Relax I am not for open borders allowing a bunch of people to overtax our economy.  I am thinking about a forced immigration policy where we can go and drag a person back to our side of the border.  We would overly compensate the individual for their inconvenience and allow familial visits or suggest that they bring their family with them.  We could even substitute a similar person.

I even have a suggestion for the first subject.  As a resident of Pennsylvania my first pick would be Governor Chris Christie.  I’d like to drag him across the New Jersey border and set him up in our Governor’s Mansion.  I’d be glad to send Rendell to the fine folks in New Jersey who may be more comfortable with his tax and spend and tax and spend and then tax some more management style. 

Even the folks at Ed Rendell’s former home in Philadelphia recognize his long list of faults.  The Philly Post piece titled “How Ed Rendell Wrecked Pennsylvania” pretty much sums it up about Rendell who:

  • Recently proposed a 4 percent budget increase when Pennsylvanians are struggling.
  • Never passed a budget on time. 
  • Raided a health care fund to help “balance” his last budget only to lose a court case requiring that it be returned to the tune of $800 million dollars.
  • Based another portion of his recent budget on make I80 a toll road after repeatedly being told by the federal government that would not be allowed.
  • Based another portion of his recent budget on revenue from gambling table games.  Ten months after the beginning of the last budget year, the legislation authorizing table games has not been passed.
  • May perhaps be the sleaziest politician in Pennsylvania history.  Giving Pennsylvania’s long list of crooked politicians that is some moniker.  Read Rendell’s comments to gas industry folks at the end of the Philly Post article if you have any doubts.

Contrast Rendell with the job Governor Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey.  Admittedly he has only been in office a few months, but he is kicking butt and taking names.  Only time will tell if he’ll be able to fix the damages done by decades of liberal (Rendell-like) rule in the Garden State;

“I said all during the campaign last year that I was going to govern as if I was a one-termer and everybody felt that it was just stuff you say during a campaign to sound good. I think after the first 12 weeks, given the stuff I’ve done, they figure: ‘He’s just crazy enough to do it.'”

Governor Christie is making tough decisions to cut spending.  He is making the kind of choices we should all be personally making in this tough economy.  He is a rare politician who made a promise and is keeping it.  Let’s root for him.

We all should be watching New Jersey as a potential road-map for how to fix America after the Obama, Pelosi, Reid regime gets done.  I fear that drastic and painful measures are on the road ahead.  The glimmer of hope is that many states are taking action to protect themselves…and consequently all of us.

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