Framing the Dialogue

Ice Hunter

ice hunterIce Hunter is the first novel featuring the life of Michigan Conservation Officer Grady Service as he patrols his little portion of the Upper Peninsula.  Though the life of a CO or “Woods Cop” seems mild, but if you take a moment to think of it they, unlike most police officers, generally confront armed people.  Even folks out to fish have knives and hunters have a little more firepower.  You will find it interesting, as I have, to see how Grady Service is often pulled in different directions as part of his duties while battling politics both in and out of his agency.

Something’s awry in Service’s favorite, Mosquito Tract as he bumps into a mysterious man which starts a cross state investigation.  We meet many of the network of COs, police, and forest service members who help the elder statesman, Service, try to solve the puzzle.  You may feel comfortable guessing the source of the mystery by the title of the novel, but there is so much more.

Again my highest praise for any book is the amount of sleep that I miss while I am reading the story.  Joseph Heywood’s Ice Hunter kept me up until after 0200 Saturday morning.  It was worth it.  One interesting quote from the book is almost an exactly what I often say at my job;

“So, just when you think you know everything about something, you find out that you don’t.”

Mine is;

“The longer I am here the less I know.”


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