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I Walked Four Million Steps

Last Wednesday I passed the 4,000,000 step threshold for roughly 1900 miles of walking since January 2012. I had increased my steps a little each week and averaged nearly 13,500 steps each day the week before. Things were rolling until I started to get a little “tweak” in my left hip. I took it easy for a couple of days and it felt better until I took a walk the next morning and walked up the two flights of stairs to my office floor. I can best describe the pain as what I might imagine it is like to have someone drive a hot knife into my ass cheek as I walked up the steps. Oh and after they stabbed me they twisted the knife.  You’ll be proud that I didn’t scream…not even a whimper.

I didn’t even become nauseous from the pain, but it hurt. I am lucky to live with a Physical Therapist so I got some stretches for my IT Band and have taken my share of Advil over the last week. Since she never reads my blog I can admit to having skipped the ice pack that she recommended. I even bought some new Motrin to help and promptly forgot it in my Costco cart…after I paid. Some other Costco customer got a free bottle of medicine in the parking lot. It is a tough time as my steps are down as are my spirits.

I don’t quite get the knife pain anymore as it has slowed to a dull ache. I hope that another week will allow me to start building up again. I’ll probably keep it at 10,000 per day and will definitely include a stretching program from now on.  Here’s hoping that the five million milestone mark won’t be too far off.

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