Framing the Dialogue

I Swear On My Mother’s…

It’s an often used phrase to indicate your sincerity, word, honor about something when you swear on your mother’s grave…assuming she is dead of course.  It really is a meaningless statement for those who think nothing of lieing to achieve their goals.  Why would a sleazebag care about his mother when he has an agenda to push or a point to make.  Perhaps they consider it “poetic license” to use a loved one in such a manner.  I believe it is despicable.

A recent snippet in my local paper retold the story of such a famous person who used his mother’s memory to achieve a goal.  He didn’t swear on her grave, however, he told of some of her health struggles, giving him standing on the issue.  The article headline called it another “tale” from this person, but in truth it was a LIE.  A BOLD FACED LIE!  Because it was his mother there is NO chance that he didn’t or shouldn’t have known the facts when he told on more than one occasion how his mother “waged a death-bed fight with her insurance company over whether the uterine and ovarian cancers that would claim her life were pre-existing conditions that disqualified her from medical coverage.”  This famous person was in a fight to change health care in the United States and felt at ease using his mother to achieve his goals.

Unfortunately for this famous person there are lots of folks out there who remember his words and have discovered that his heart-felt story was a lie.  A New York Times (of all publications) reporter has uncovered the truth in that “health insurance covered most of her medical expenses and without argument. Only disability coverage, designed to replace lost wages, was denied and that by another carrier.”  The source of the TRUTH was none other than his mother’s own correspondence with the insurance carriers.  Perhaps in this man’s sordid mentality the ends justify the means.  Perhaps his speech writers will spin a tale of his mother’s death-bed wish that he use (distort, fabricate, lie about) her death to bring hope and change to the American medical system.  Perhaps he’ll shed a few tears as he tells it or have a slight quiver in his voice.

You may have guess that the “despicable him” is none other than our illustrious President Barack Hussein Obama.  What happened to the Oval Office when you cannot trust the occupant?  What does this say about the occupant’s grasp of truth when he tells a lie that is so easily exposed.  We know that he is comfortable in the knowledge that his media lapdogs will do little to expose him and that there is little chance that the masses will discover his lies, but in the words of the article’s author,

“this president will say anything to anybody for political gain — even misrepresenting the facts surrounding his own mother’s death. Which is about as putrid as it gets.” 

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