Framing the Dialogue

I Dream of Health Care

In approximately 72 hours President Barack Hussein Obama’s wish will likely come true when socialized medicine-lite is passed.  Obama wishes and Pelosi crosses her arms, blinks and one sixth more of the United States economy is under federal government control.  Unfortunately this is not a humorous sit-com.

Like most Americans I do not want government involved in every aspect of my life and I am against this health care bill.  I can say “like most Americans” because most Americans are against the passage of this bill.  Democrats in Congress and Obama don’t care what we don’t want.  They obviously know what is best for us.  They can spin about how much this is pared down, but we all know that this is the camel’s nose under the tent. 

In my mind this can never be undone.  Our only hope is that the way Pelosi plans to push this through is fought in court and found to be unconstitutional.  We probably need to support whatever organization takes on that battle.  We also need to make life miserable for ANY politician who votes for this and we need to keep it up until they are out of office. 

They must never forget that WE SURROUND THEM.

We must never let them forget that WE SURROUND THEM.

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