Framing the Dialogue

I Am What I Am

I’ve had my share of nicknames in the past.  Some nice; some not so nice or flattering.  Every time I got a nickname it was usually “given” by a friend or close acquaintance.  I don’t think even the less likable ones were really meant to harm me or truly disparage me.  In the last two plus years I have been called all sorts of names because I believe that I am Taxed Enough Already.  I don’t belong to any particular TEA Party though I have gone to a few rallies.  I hope that my blog affirms my belief in the principles of the Constitution, the free market, and good old capitalism.

As a quasi-TEA Party person I have been called “teabagger”, a particularly offensive practice that I had never really heard of until a few years ago.  As a TEA Partier I am of course a white racist, a homophobe (funny how I can be a homophobe and a teabagger – they seem like mutually exclusive acts), a biggot, stupid, neanderthal, and most recently a Hobbit (by none other than super RINO John McCain).  None of these compares to the name used by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) when he angrily called TEA Party folks terrorists.

“We have negotiated with terrorists.  This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”


Not one to be outdone by outrageous statements, Joe Biteme (or Biden as some call him) also may a similar disparaging remark,

“They have acted like terrorists.”

– – Joe Biden (soon to be former Vice President)

As far as I know neither Mike Doyle or Joe Biden has EVER made a meaningful contribution to society.  Feeding off of the teats of American taxpayers for their whole careers is not a contribution.  Parasites like these like to make these remarks in private, but they are too stupid to know that there are no private comments anymore.  Folks have found out and I look forward to supporting any candidate that opposes Mike Doyle.  Perhaps Pennsylvania’s redistricting will nudge him from his cozy Democrat-laden district and he’ll actually have to work for a change.  I have nothing but disgust for any politician who would use such language to describe a rather large group of voters. 

I am Taxed Enough Already!

…And that’s all that I am.

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  1. Mark B says:

    I was looking into all the diffrent names, negitive that the tea party brings out. this past week has been the E of the tea for me, enough. so thought I might make me a tee shirt with all the names AMERICANS have called me in the past 2-3 years. Oh what joy it is to live here hehe, be a hard working tax paying yes one of those few that actualy pay INTO the system that is robbing me at point blank, and Im the bad guy ? go figure, Mark B

  2. Greg says:

    You should market the t-shirt. It would drive the progressives nuts to have you make money off of their offensive name calling.

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