Framing the Dialogue

Hunky Dory

Before I start, I want to ensure you that since I am at least 75% Ruthenian and/or Slovak I have the proper standing to use the term “Hunky.”  I really never considered the label as derogatory and I always took some pride in calling myself a Hunky.  

The homelands of my ancestors have changed names so many times, I often hesitate when answering a question about my nationality.  I guess in today’s PC world I would be a Slovak-American, but an American none the less.  I got a shot of native homeland pride recently when I read an article about one of the home countries, Slovakia.

In an effort to boost their economy Slovakia is undertaking some measures that the United States should copy;

  • Eliminate red tape,
  • Relax labor laws,
  • Introduced a flat tax rate for companies,
  • Push for further tax cuts as the economy improves and
  • Plans to cut their deficit to 2.9% of GDP from its current 8% (United States’ deficit is at 10.4 % of GDP)

Slovakian leaders actually seem to want business rather than demonize them like in America.  Unlike in the United States the terms corporation, business, and capital are welcomed by our cousins to the east. 

To summarize, they are making a business-friendly climate and signs are that it is working.  That should not be a surprise as decreasing tax burdens, decreasing government meddling, and sound fiscal policy always worked.  The leaders in Slovakia recognized that when they had more state control of the economy.  Business hates uncertainty and will not invest in troubled waters.

Contrast Slovakia’s actions to those in America.  It is not hard to find stories about companies laying off workers or deciding not to hire new people because of the ways the federal government is slithering its way into every crack and crevice of their business. 

It would be funny that a country that was under the iron thumb of Communist Russia is now perhaps a more capitalistic country than the United States.  They seem to have an advantage in that when they “throw the bums out” of office they are not rewarded with a “lite” version of politicians as we are with the Democrats and Republicans.  They seem to be able to enact true change.  Some of the vigor may be because many of the citizens still remember what life was like under complete government rule; a concept more and more Americans are starting to feel.

Score this one for the Hunkies.

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