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Hungry Shopping

Last Saturday morning I slept in a little and headed off to go grocery shopping at my favorite warehouse club.  I didn’t have time to eat breakfast before I left so I planned to have lunch at the club after shopping.  Plus it was Saturday and I knew the sample booths would be out in force attracting crowds of shoppers.    The free sample thing really works as I picked up a few extra items, but the traffic jams near the little carts can be irritating.  I am not sure why folks feel they have to eat the sample in front of the server.  That’s one of my pet peeves.

Bread, meats, veggies, fruit (the strawberries are soooo good this time of year) are filling my cart as I circle the store towards the checkout lanes.  It is a Saturday so I know there will be lines.  Even though the store usually has most lanes open there will still be lines.  I was talking to one of the managers once and he told me that they generally have around a half million dollars in sales on a typical Saturday.  I am an experienced warehouse shopper and do everything I can to lessen my time in line.  I even line up my bigger items in the cart witht the UPC symbol exposed so they can scan without putting the items on the belt. 

The cart was pretty full this time and I got the usual shock when the total rung up.  It was over $250.00!  Shopping hungry probably increased my cost by at least 25 percent.  I had lunch ($1.50 for a quarter pound hot dog and a drink) and headed for home.  As I unloaded I came to the realization that I forgot the milk!  I always need to buy milk.  How could I forget to buy something so basic and always on my list?

Shopping hungry and in a hurry.

I think the Obamacrats were guilty of shopping hungry and in a hurry when they passed the ObamaPelosiReidCare.  They were starved for government health care for decades making my skipping breakfast look minor.  They sampled every idea they wanted to try and ended up with a 2,700 page shopping cart.  Unlike my bill from grocery shopping where I saw the total right away, the invoice for ObamaPelosiReidCare will come much later.  Word is that the Democrats had quite the celebration after passing the bill so I am guessing they didn’t have hot dog and a soft drink.  I paid for my lunch and probably paid for theirs too.

Like me forgetting the milk, the Democrats seemed to have forgotten some of the basic things off of their shopping list.  Of course they skipped tort reform to protect their trial lawyer buddies and decided to continue to allow states to prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines.  These things were never on their list.  In the weeks since Obama signed the bill into law the politicians are finally reading the bill…and finding the “milk” that they forgot:

My guess is that we’ll see a true bipartisan bill to fix this last one.

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