Framing the Dialogue

How to Make Sh*t Happen

A colleague lent me a copy of this book, though I hesitate to give it that distinction.  Author Sean Whalen gives us around a hundred pages in bold, large font to help us “make more money.  Get in better shape.  Create epic relationships.  Control your life.” 

Oh and “Do it now” so in his words…How to Make Sh*t Happen. His method is “CORE 4” and has four prongs; Power, Passion, Purpose, and Production. 

Overall, his message to strive for a work-life balance is a good one.  Early in the book when he describes a typical day starting with working out with his trainer, sending a nude selfie to his wife, reading two books (I assume chapters), and tons of work. 

As soon as someone who can afford a trainer every day tells me how to run my life, I am skeptical.  He does describe how he was down and out and used this system to get where he is today.  Oh and he drops a lot of F-bombs throughout to emphasize his points. 

I guess that makes it real.

That is how his book reads…bold and big.  This may be inspirational to some…not for me though.



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