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How To Get A Real Education

dilbertOne great thing about reading is articles or books often lead to other interesting articles or books.  I recently read $100 Startup which mentioned a Wall Street Journal article by Dilbert creator Scott Adams.  As a nearly lifetime cubicle dweller Adams is beloved by me.  The following is a link to the original article and a few excerpts that hopefully will make you want to read the article yourself.

“I understand why the top students in America study  physics, chemistry, calculus and classic literature. The kids in this  brainy group are the future professors, scientists, thinkers and  engineers who will propel civilization forward. But why do we make B  students sit through these same classes? That’s like trying to train  your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn’t it make  more sense to teach B students something useful, like entrepreneurship?”

 “I would build and  operate a proper accounting system for the business. And so I did. It  was a great experience. Meanwhile, some of my peers were taking courses  in art history so they’d be prepared to remember what art looked like  just in case anyone asked.”

“That’s the year I learned that if there’s a loophole, someone’s going to  drive a truck through it, and the people in the truck will get paid  better than the people under it.”

“By the time I graduated, I had  mastered the strange art of transforming nothing into something.”

“unlikely that any average student can develop a  world-class skill in one particular area. But it’s easy to learn how to  do several different things fairly well. I succeeded as a cartoonist  with negligible art talent, some basic writing skills, an ordinary sense  of humor and a bit of experience in the business world.”

“you can find yourself failing 90% of the time.  The trick is to get paid while you’re doing the failing and to use the  experience to gain skills that will be useful later.”

“Remember, children are our future, and the majority of them are B  students. If that doesn’t scare you, it probably should.”




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