Framing the Dialogue

How To Drive a Liberal Crazy

Human Events has been sending out a series of emails listing 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy based on a book of the same name.  Many are humorous, all are serious, all provide useful information when having a dialogue with a liberal.  I would propose, however, that we not limit the desire to just drive liberals crazy.  I would like to include progressives because that will bring in many from the Republican side who are almost as liberal as liberals, but have one or two conservative positions that make them palatable as politicians (i.e. The Governator).

Here are some of Human Events’ more recent teases:

  • Politely inquire of liberals just how they’re proposing to “Free Tibet” when China has an estimated 7.5 million soldiers.  Perhaps we can start by making the Dali Lama exit the White House via the back, garbage door – that’ll show them Chinese who is boss.
  • Praise the marvelous “inclusivity” and “diversity” of the United Nations Human Rights Council including such standard-bearers like Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and China. 
  • Use the words “chairman” instead of “chairperson”, “fireman” instead of “firefighter”. 
  • Barack Obama's parents

    Refer to Obama as the 44th white president rather than the “first black president” since his mother was Caucasian and it would be insulting to women if her contribution to her son’s genetic make up were diminished.

  • There are a series of “tell a joke” sections.  This is my favorite so far;
    • What’s the difference between a puppy and a liberal?  A puppy stops whining when it grows up.
  • Play along with the increasingly common liberal habit of equating Israel with Nazi Germany.  There does seem to be a deep deep and disturbing hatred of Jews and Israel by the extreme left. 

One that I like, that I have not seen in the book is to ask them how they feel about Obama starting a third war in Libya while hd did not end either the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.  If they defend that you can ask why he hates Syrians since they have basically the same situation and we do nothing.  Maybe it is just about Libyans oil.  Using their own arguments and words against them is just so much fun.

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