Framing the Dialogue

How To Be Right

how to be rightIn How To Be Right author Greg Gutfeld offers his take on “the art of being persuasively correct.”  Gutfeld’s take is to use humor as part of your arsenal (I’m not sure I am allowed to use weaponry terms here) to defeat progressives.  He spends time discussing how liberals use language to set the tone of an argument…or framing the dialogue.  Hmmm, that would be a great name for a blog.  Aside from the shameless self-promotion, that thinking was behind the impetus for this website.  I just go so tired of Conservatives starting their debate after accepting the premise of liberals.  I still drives me nuts.  Conservative can still win, but why start the battle from the low ground (more military allegories here) by accepting the lefty premise?

“Liberals use language as propaganda, designed to stain their adversaries permanently.  It beats facts or coherent arguments.  Stelter [libretard reporter introducing a climate change skeptic] could have marshaled evidence, but he chose to call Coleman a ‘denier,’ which firmly exposed Stelter’s own bias and his willingness to protect it.”

So how do you argue with idiots?

“Being right offers no protection in a world where emotions rule logic, and feelings trump fact…The world is moving away from fact-based debate and drifting into fact-free rhetoric…a fact is never safe in the face of compassionate outrage.”

The author provides plenty of examples of typical arguments that you’ll likely encounter at the water cooler.  Your cooler might even dispense Kool Aid like many offices so the waters are ripe for a fight [again bellicose words].  One of my favorite tactics that he mentioned is to take a leftist position to an extreme, absurd level.  I’ve used this when trying to school a progressive on the minimum wage.  When it comes up, offer that $15.00/hour is not a living wage…who could live on just over $20k a year [that’s 29 hours a week as no company will allow a new employee to be full time – over 30 hours a week].  The minimum wage needs to be a true living wage and should be at least double what they are proposing.  If they truly care they should agree to that.

The book is much like Gutfeld himself, sharp, witty, and informative.  I think folks like him are a refreshing counterpunch to the left icons like Jon Stewart except that Gutfeld embraces his humor rather than hide behind it.

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