Framing the Dialogue

How The Newt Stole Christmas

With Republicans like these who needs Democrats. That’s not quite the quote from Paul Ryan as he responded to Newt Gingrich’s assault on Ryan’s budget plan as it relates to Obamacare. Ryan used the more familiar quote about friends and enemies. I am almost embarrassed that I somehow overlooked Sir Newt when I listed the “Re: treads” moving toward the starting line vying for the Republican nomination. So here it is…

11. The Newt:  Much slicker model than the McCain. While it is no maverick the Newt shares his love of the media spotlight. The Newt has learned much from his victimization by the media when he became the House Speaker in 1996. Had a strong conservative pedigree but recent incursions supporting global warming and governmentcare have left many real conservatives shaking their heads (we’re done scratching our heads and are just shaking them now). This model promises to bloody “fellow” Republicans in his quest to lose the presidential race to BHO. Will certainly write a book about his experiences and make the rounds of the talk show circuit.

I often respected the opinion of Mr. Gingrich, but more and more I see him as described above. I am not a right-winger and I don’t advocate that conservatives conduct social engineering from the right. Like most center-right taxpayers I am tired of big government and I believe that Newt is in favor of big government…his version of big government.  I don’t know if we can predict what will happen in the next few months, but my I believe that Newt will find that the electorate is more engaged than the last time he ran and will not accept him just because he used to be conservative.  I is no longer acceptable to trash fellow conservatives to please the left-leaning media. 

I heard a news clip this morning where a citizen gave him an earful about his comments about Ryan. It was something to the effect that we won’t forget what he said. Apologies aside, it was his original, unscripted remarks that exposed his beliefs rather than the written words he read later. I certainly will not forget. Gingrich’s campaign may get the distinction of being shorter than Giuliani’s in 2008 and that is as it should.

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