Framing the Dialogue

House of Spies

Author Daniel Silva’s protagonist, Gabriel Allon, is back in the thick of fighting terror.  Allown is now the “chief” of “the Office” in Israeli intelligence.  Though no longer a field agent, Allon often finds himself in the line of fire.  He still seeks revenge on an elusive and dangerous terrorist, Saladin.  Allon believes that he caught a glimpse of him when America was attacked a few months prior.  Allon and his team enter the glamorous world of the very rich, especially when those rich people made their money selling drugs for ISIS.


This novel may have been the best of the Allon series for those who enjoy a longer, more patient method of getting at the enemy.  The “sting” pulled by The Office and some foreign intelligence services is devious and well worth what some might call a slower pace.  That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of action and that it won’t keep you up at night unable to put the book down.  It will.

This is another hit for Daniel Silva.  I like that his characters age and take on new roles…even Allon does so grudgingly.  I certainly look forward to next year and the next novel.

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