Framing the Dialogue

Hostile Intent

Perhaps the best way to describe this book is to use the blurb from the back cover;

“Only one man can stop them.  Code named Devlin, he exists in the blackest shadows of the United States government – operating off the grid as the NSA’s top agent.  He’s their most lethal weapon…and their most secret.  But someone is trying to draw him out into the open by putting America’s citizens in the crosshairs – and they will continue the slaughter until they get what they want.”

Hence the name of the book, Hostile Intent by Michael Walsh.  This is the introductory book to the shadowy hero named Devlin and to Branch 4, a super secret program under the NSA and whose existence is know to only three men.  As in any good spy thriller you’ll find the requisite high-tech, the high explosive, the stealthy, and the deadly.  It didn’t grab me or have the suspense like some of the other novels that have recently been written in this genre, but it was a highly entertaining novel and I did read in in one day. 

I found one of the protagonists particularly interesting and wonder if he is modeled after any famous individual making headlines today.  He is a wealthy financier who rose from a shadowy past in Hitler’s Germany.  He has amassed a vast fortune manipulating markets and currency.  He has his money and subsequently his fingers into many things, but likes to portray himself as sort of a heroic, philanthropic figure.  Oh and he seek a one-world governance…probably with him at the helm.  I’ll give you three guesses who the real figure is and the first two don’t count.  Click here if you want to see my guess.

Michael Walsh provides voice to some of the views many of us wonder about relating to terrorist intentions and actions.  Many authors use their novel to speak to their readers through thier thrillers.  This passage caught my attention;

“Remember when that Muslim from Canada turned up dead at that political convention with a suitcase full of cyanide?  No link to terrorism, they said.  Remember when that Arab kid crashed his plane into that building in Florida?  No link to terrorism, they said.  Remember when those two Arabs turned up in North Carolina or wherever it was with bomb stuff in their car and claimed they were joyriding around to set off some fireworks?  No link to terrorism, they said.  No link.  No link.  No link.”

I would perhaps add the Muslim man who shot up Fort Hood.

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