Framing the Dialogue

Holder’s Hapless Honor

I have a suggestion.  It is probably not very practical.  It would be fairly impossible to accomplish, but I would love to have it work for a while.

First I’d like the Republican presidential candidates to suspend their campaigns for a month, maybe 45 days.  No more endless debates, no more Cain bimbo eruptions, no more Perry gaffes, no more Romney (actually vanilla-flavored Romney has pretty much been quiet), Newt can still zing the media.  Let’s no longer give the media fodder so they can avoid and provide cover for what should be the big story on every night’s newscast.  Second let’s forget about Kim Kardashian’s fake marriage and all other Hollywood drivel.  Third let’s ignore anything with the word “occupy” anywhere in the title. 

Fourth let’s shine some light on perhaps the biggest story of corruption and cover up of all time.  No not the pay-to-play green energy scams.  I am talking about how Obama’s Justice Department through Eric Holder allowed, no facilitated, the illegal transportation of guns purchased in the United States (possibly with Stimulus money) to Mexico where many many humans were killed with the weapons including a U.S. border agent, Brian Terry.

You may have heard of it as “fast and furious” or “project gunrunner” or “project gunwalker”, but most likely you had never heard of it.  Beyond what is quickly becoming the worst implemented cover up in Washington history the media is showing their bias by not covering the story.  Imagine a crime committed by a high ranking official leading to the death of a citizen then the crime covered up by the White House. 

This makes breaking into an opponents campaign headquarters look like jaywalking.

This makes staining a blue dress in the Oval Office look like dishonoring the office of the president.

This SCREAMS Pullitzer Prize for some honest journalist, but none from the major network news outlets seem to want to cover the story or better yet dig into it.  This is pathetic. 

There is some hope about increased scrutiny since murdered agent Terry’s family have broken their silence after Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, recently responded that he could not be responsible for all of his employees and did not feel responsible for Terry’s death.

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