Framing the Dialogue

Hits About Myths

I love Milton Freidman.  Economics can be rather dry so when I came across a series of videos of Friedman on common economic subjects I first enjoyed them and decided to share them with you.  In one of these videos, Mr. Friedman compares a myth to an air mattress, full of nothing, but comfortable, and jarring when deflated.

The first is one that I posted a couple of years ago during features Friedman in an interview with Phil Donohue:


This one is about the myth of The Free Lunch or how taxes on corporations are really taxes on people:

This is the myth that the government acts like Robin Hood who benefits the poor:

The next video tackles The Social Security Myth:

Friedman takes on The Great Depression Myth:

And finally the myth of The Robber Baron:

Remember that there are no Angels.

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