Framing the Dialogue

Him Her Him Again The End of Him

Written by former Saturday Night Live writer Patricia Marx and I bought and read the book in spite of that and the fact that Steve Martin was quoted on the front. Perhaps I am getting old and impatient, but the I am still waiting for the “fiercely funny” or “dark hilarity” or “wildly funny” promised by the quotes on the book cover. I guess if you live in a big city full of neurotics then this would constitute funny. I don’t find Sex and the City particularly humorous either. There is too much neurosis going on. The novel Him Her Him Again The End of Him was entertaining and I finished it, but was struck more by what others think is funny.  As if being dysfunctional, dependent on your parents (who you seem to despise), and neurotic constitute the natural state. I had a hard time getting past the crap to understand the main character. I guess I am just not sophisticated enough.

Perhaps the best way to prepare you to read this is to consider a mix of SNL sketches that last way too long, Sex In The City plots, Woody Allen neurotic dialogue, and any movie with endearing, indulgent, Jewish parents.

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