Framing the Dialogue

High Heat

When a young woman is brutally murdered by three jihadists in the name of Allah in the middle of New York City, Nikki Heat is tasked with finding the killers.  Worse for Heat is that the terrorists claim their next target is someone very close to Heat.   This threat puts Nikki in some High Heat.

“These men—and there had to be at least three, since there was someone behind that camera—would do whatever it took to get their hands on Rook, even if it meant martyring themselves. Especially if it meant martyring themselves. They wouldn’t stop until Rook’s head was the one bouncing on the floor.”

This book is typical of the series and is generally a very good novel.  I am not sure that I liked the “ending” as there is surely more to come in this series, not because the terrorists escape, but the author, Richard Castle, reopens an old storyline.

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