Framing the Dialogue

High Crimes

A Boston upscale family enjoys a quick family meal at the local mall.  As they leave the restaurant their lives are shattered forever.  How is that for a tease?  One of the difficult things for me in doing a book review for novels is to give some sense of the story without divulging too much.  I don’t personally even read the inside of the dust jacket as they often give away the first fourth of the book. High Crimes is no different as it really spills a lot of the proverbial beans.

I guess it is not too much to divulge to point out that there is some courtroom drama since the cover photograph is of a woman entering a courtroom.  You can probably also guess that she is not the one in trouble, but I’ll say no more. Joseph Finder is turning into one of my favorite thriller authors and High Crimes is a wonderful book to read.  The drama builds, there are plenty of twists, the “bad” guys will really tick you off, and you’ll root against rigid a military.   I highly recommend this for your summer (or spring, fall, or winter) reading list.  Originally published in 1998 so you can even get a cheap, hardcover copy.



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