Framing the Dialogue

Hidden Order

hidden order“The terrain was barren and windswept; more rock and loose shale than anything else. It was cold and misty. Everyone would rather have been someplace else, but you wouldn’t have heard a complaint from a single one of them. This is who they were and what they did. Each of them consoled themselves with the knowledge that no matter how damp and how cold it was, it easily could have been worse, and that what they did, they did for their country. They all knew that there were people who would never know their names and would never know what they were doing this night, but that their way of life hung in the balance.”

So in Hidden Order Scot Harvath is back and this time he, or rather author Brad Thor, is taking on the Federal Reserve (Fed). Okay not exactly, but Thor brings a lot of unknown (to many citizens) historical and current information about the American central bank and uses this as a backdrop for this thriller. Harvath is working on United States’ soil as he races against time to stop cold-blooded killer(s) who seem to be using Revolutionary War as the scenes for their actions.

Again Brad Thor provides an excellent thriller while providing some commentary on current events. He jabs at The Fed simply by exposing who they are and most importantly who they aren’t! The sad part about this novel is that I am finished and now will have to wait another year for more Harvath. Thor does; however, seem to be introducing new characters as Harvath gets older.

“…the Hegelian dialectic…it’s where a group or an individual creates a problem, knowing full well in advance how people are going to react to it. They then begin agitating for something to be done about the problem, for things to change. Once the masses are then worked up enough and desperate enough for something to be done, the party behind the problem unveils their solution. The people are thrilled to have a plan, any plan, and so demand that it be implemented. They never seem to realize that they’ve been manipulated and that they haven’t really ushered in change, but actually a much worse version of what they had previously, only now in brand-new packaging.”


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