Framing the Dialogue

Hey There Georgie Boy

One of the keystone techniques of “journalists” (I use quotes as I believe that most news readers do not deserve this title and by enclosing it in quotes it becomes a sort of derisive label) is the loaded question.  They love to thinly veil their viewpoint or deepest wishes by asking loaded questions; questions that are often longer than the answers.  “Journalist” George Stephanopoulos’ “thought-provoking” (there are those quotation marks again) questions are often funny, but in a sad way.  Is there any doubt that Georgie Boy is anything but a progressive shill? 

Enjoy this little sampling of Georie’s questions:

Sample 1:  George Stephanopoulos is obviously not relishing the expected trashing of his Democrat party this November.  Remember he was a Clinton advisor (not quite a czar, but still friends with White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel and Democrat attack dogs Paul Begala and James Carville).  George is a much better actor than Chris Matthews and couches his feelings of doom more professionally:


Sample 2:  This one should scare you as he speaks to a Supreme Court Justice and suggests that more control of free speech is needed.  Until now our speech was protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.  George seems to want to limit that ability

Sample 3:  This one is amazing (sorry no video clip for this one) as George more that suggests that Representative Joe Sestak get out of the way and let Arlen Specter have the Democrat nomination to the Senate representing Pennsylvania.  This excerpt is from NewsBusters:

“If the top Democrat in the country says he needs Arlen Specter in the Senate, why shouldn’t Democratic primary voters listen?”  Stephanopoulos also played a commercial featuring the President and noted that Obama says he “loves” Specter.  Touting the Republican turned Democrat, the journalist enthused, “Voters have said they want politicians to work together across party lines and Specter has a record of doing that, doesn’t he?”

I guess that it wasn’t enough that the White House offered Sestak a job to NOT seek the nomination.  This had to particularly insulting to long-time Democrat Sestak to be a second choice to turncoat Arlen Specter.  BTW Specter lost to Sestak.

Sample 4:  Georgie Boy, an obvious backer of universal health care, took Senator McCain to task invoking the deceased Ted Kennedy for his case:

“you were good friends with Senator Ted Kennedy. What would you say to him this morning…You know, Congresswoman Michele Bachman addressed the protesters outside the Capitol building last night, saying there would be more chaos and more division ahead. I know that the Republicans want to repeal the bill. But there are also some provisions that take effect this year that you said you’re for. No lifetime limits on health coverage. No denials of pre-existing- of coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, No cancellation of policies if you get ill. Will you move to repeal those provisions as well?”

Sample 5:  Stephie tried to take on a vastly more intelligent Rand Paul by loading up on Democrat talking points…you gotta love Rand Paul:

Sample 6:  This last one is older but gooder (poetic license) when Stephie had to help Obama remember that he is a Christian.  Does that make George Stephanopoulus a human teleprompter?

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