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Arnold Ahlert

Many times as I read an article I find a few sentences that capture the essence of the piece. In “Phrase-e-ology” I’ll post some thought followed by key phrases. As always I’ll have a link (in blue) to the original article.

I had this thought and included it in my My Country Tis of Me posting a few days ago.  I heard a talk show discussing this very thing I had mentioned about the Republicans giving Obama everything he wants thus pinning everything on him.  I know it sounds suicidal, but Mr. Arnold Ahlert posted the same thing, but in more detail and he did it two days before my post, though I hadn’t seen his until tonight.  Here are some key phrases and as always read the linked article…in two parts.

“I have a suggestion for the Republicans, one they won’t hear from anyone else: give Barry and Company everything they want, without an iota of resistance. Let ’em raise taxes and the debt ceiling, gut the military, and run up trillions of dollars of additional deficits and debt. Then stand back, and let an utterly corrupt media chronicle the demise — without being able to pin an ounce of the ensuing socialist catastrophe on an “obstructionist” GOP.”

 “For the next four years, Republicans will do what a certain Senator from Illinois made a career of doing: they will simply vote “present” on every bill put before them in both houses of Congress. In effect, give Democrats they same unassailable majority they had in 2008 — the same one that led directly to the passage of Obamacare.”

 “Radical? Compared to what? Watching a president get re-elected, despite four major scandals, the worst recovery on record, and the explosion of entitlements — all of which was blamed on the aforementioned Republican obstructionism? Being blamed for everything that will go wrong from 2012 to 2016, completely irrespective of reality or the truth?”

 “There is no split-the-difference, get along to go along, compromise that can be reached between tyranny and freedom. With respect to the rule of law and the Constitution, you’re either in or you’re out. A nation is either solvent or bankrupt. It is either exceptional or ordinary. The American majority voted for tyranny, bankruptcy and mediocrity. Give the people what they want — until they can’t stand it anymore.”

 “Both compromise, no matter how limited or grudgingly given, as well as a “no” vote, no matter how forcefully the case is made for casting it, gives progressives the one thing they want more than any other: legitimacy. A “present” vote does not. In fact, a present vote will also give progressives the one thing they don’t want more than any other: total responsibility.”

“Conservatism can thrive without progressivism. Progressivism cannot survive without conservatism. In short, a progressive worldview built on redistributionism, must have something to re-distribute. Without the efforts of the makers, the takers and their enablers are dead in the water. The most remarkable aspect of this last election is that Democrats ran on a platform that amounted to biting the hand that feeds them, and still prevailed. When vilifying success and the accumulation of wealth is a winning political strategy in America, the proverbial jig is up.”

 “And never forget that as soon as the disaster hit, all the major political players revealed the bankruptcy of progressivism: everyone, from Barack Obama on down, promised to eliminate the “red-tape” that would interfere with rescue and re-building efforts. Red tape is nothing more than a synonym for big-government bureaucracy, in all its inefficient and corrupt glory.”

 “my strategy amounts to a combo platter of Mahatma Gandhi and John Galt. Passive and active resistance to the dim-bulbs and the deadbeats on one end of the spectrum, and those who would impose tyranny on the other. For those Americans who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, trust me: you’re part of the problem, not the solution.”

 You might be surprised to learn that I even though I pulled a lot from the articles I actually DID NOT just print his entire article, but again it is worth reading.

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