Framing the Dialogue

Here & There

“Words build ideas, ideas build ideologies, ideologies build nations.  The Reidier test, could render all of this meaningless.”

here and thereKerek Reidier, a physicist and researcher, has made inroads into a area that could only be imagined played out in science fiction television shows.  Reidier’s work naturally has gained the attention of people who would like to gain by his discovery.  Whether these interested parties are good or bad depends on your perspective and they will stop at nothing to control him.  Okay not so much him, but what he seems to be able to do.

In Here & There author Joshua Scher takes us to this world of intrigue, subterfuge, and mental illness.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what is real.  The story is told from the perspective of a young man whose mother is missing and his search for her uncovers the story of the Reidiers as the patriarch seems drawn away from his family and toward his work…consuming him and forcing him to do things he’d not normally do.

This was a long book and that is not so much a commentary on the number of pages, but the wandering path it took to get to the finish.  There were times I wistfully glanced at the “percent complete” on my Kindle to see how much further I had to go.  The last part of the novel moved faster though I was disappointed in the ending.  I do suffer from the condition where I don’t like to  totally rely on my imagination at the end of a book.

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