Framing the Dialogue

He’d Take A Knee If He Could Get Away With It

obama-sadPresident Obama has a right to his opinion as all Americans do.  I have to wonder why he so often chooses to trash our country when he is on foreign soil as he did on his recent trip to Asia.  Some thoughtful person put together eighteen of his complaints about the United States.  I offer my response (if anyone cares) in italics after his comment.  One has to remember, Obama is not some third-string quarterback for a lousy NFL team…he is the President of the United States.  Many of the things that he complains about are actually worse since he took office in 2009!

Here is Obama’s list of what’s wrong with America as related to our “friends” in Asia:

  1. There are still too many poor children in the United States.  [Perhaps we should abort more children or better yet allow more poor children to enter the country illegally or even better let the federal government fix it as they have been trying to do for the past sixty years or so.  Please remember that probably 100% of the rest of the world’s poor would love to be poor in America.  That doesn’t mean we should not try to improve things for the poor, but our citizen by and large are generous and help the poor.]
  2. Too many children in America are not getting enough to eat.  [See above.  I’ve blogged about this before.  One of my children was surveyed about this when she was younger and she told me about the questions afterward.  I think she was probably in third grade or so.  We are not rich and are certainly not poor, but the way the survey was conducted and she answered truthfully you could conclude that she was “not getting enough to eat.”  As an example they asked if she always had three meals a day.  Her truthful answer was no!  When she sleeps until 11:00 on a Saturday she missed breakfast so may have had only two meals that day.  Did she ever go to bed hungry?  Yep.  How many third graders wouldn’t answer that, at some point, they hadn’t probably been hungry when they went to bed.  Again see my response to number 1 above.]
  3. Despite America’s wealth, we’re not providing sufficient educational resources in poor communities.  [First I assume that “sufficient educational resources” he means money.  I have posted about this also in the past.  It is not just about how much money you throw at schools.  The district where I live spends about one half per student what the local, big city schools spend and the results are spectacularly different.  Liberals just think that throwing money at a problem will solve the problem.  A good start for many poor minority children is school vouchers which Obama and the Democrats generally vote against.  Please ask them why at every opportunity,]
  4. America lacks the “political will” to help poor inner cities that have suffered discrimination.  [Obama has been President for nearly eight years.  What has he done?  The “poor inner cities” are run predominantly by liberal Democrats.  The poor conditions are their fault.  Don’t blame all of America for the Democrat failings.]
  5. Americans are “lazy” in thinking we don’t need to learn about foreign nations. [Learning about foreign nations had to be cast aside as well as learning about our country’s rich history to make room for sensitivity classes, muslim religious studies, and a host of other progressive subjects.  American children are forced to learn what the Department of Education makes them learn…if they don’t then no money from the feds.]
  6. Colin Kapernack is justified protesting the National Anthem, as the NFL star is raising “real, legitimate issues” about things America needs to be talked about. [Colin Kapernack is an ass!  He can protest all that he wants.  He can call police officers “pigs” until he needs them to protect his millions of dollars.  America has done nothing but talk about these issues for as long as I can remember.  Are there racists?  Hell yes!  Are there fewer than there were a generation ago?  Hell yes!  Perhaps instead of protests from idiots like Kapernack and radicals, sensible minority leaders should be the ones creating the dialogue.  Folks like Obama and Kapernack have created a climate where there can be NO dialogue.  Obama is saying these things in a nation like China where an athlete like Kapernack would be put away for these kind of actions.  Does he have any sense of irony?]
  7. America suffers from racism, conflicts between ethnic groups, and discrimination against immigrants.  [Yep to the first one…always has, but name me a country that’s better or has a better track record of creating the true melting pot.  Yep to the second one too…when immigrants came here there was assimilation as the second and third generations called themselves Americans…no hyphens…melting pot…conflicts became marriages.  I don’t agree with his third assertion as I believe there is a distinction that the liberals like to ignore and that is the difference between illegal and legal immigrants.  Is there discrimination?  Sure.  As long as there are cultural differences and immigrants who WON’T assimilate there will be discrimination.  That goes both ways.  I believe that when you come, legally, to America you are agreeing to being an American.]
  8. Criticisms of America being imperfect and having problems with racism discrimination are accurate.  [See above.  Mr. Obama suffers from this also as he often cites racism where none exists which in my mind is a form of racism.]
  9. America still has “situations where women are not treated equally.”  [Again he is President of the United Freakin States.  He should quit his whining!  There certainly are instances where women are not treated equally, but there are laws against that and those who treat women this way can be prosecuted.  The myth about unequal pay has been proven wrong so many times I don’t want to go over it again and the math the liberals use has been used against the White House staff to show unequal pay…a situation that Obama has not addressed.  This is a tired argument.]
  10. obama-dronesAmerica “didn’t think through” our policy in Vietnam War, as dropping cluster bombs proved counterproductive to “winning hearts and minds.” [This statement proves why the Middle East is on fire.  War is not about “winning hearts and minds”, but really about killing all of their soldiers until they give up or as we used to say “surrender.”  There has been much written about that war and there are a few facts that he should know being the true international scholar that he is.  That war was escalated by none other than a Democrat…in fact two Democrats and ended by a Republican.  We were winning the war, at great cost, but winning until the “hearts and minds” at home demonized our soldiers and the military for doing what was expected of them.  The media primarily focused on the extremely bad things that happened.  It should not be a big surprise that bad things occur during war.  That’s not an excuse…just reality.]
  11. America’s treatment of Native Americans was “tragic.”  [Every country can carry this weight as country’s borders shift and people are displaced.  Isn’t there evidence that there were inhabitants here before those who we now call “Native Americans”.  Are there any other countries on Earth that have tried to repair this damage?  How long do we apologize?  How much of that mistreatment was just exaggeration?  For me the unfortunate thing is that there is not any reliable source to read the truth.  I’ve read what seemed like a reasonably scientific account that “spreading smallpox on blankets” didn’t happen and probably would have not been easily accomplished back then.]
  12. America “struggled to stay true” to our founding ideal that all men are created equal.  [All men are created equal, but that does not mean equal results.  Equal opportunity does not mean equal results.  America should be about maintaining equal opportunity that folks can achieve through hard work.  Please name me a better country!]
  13. When the environment is destroyed in America, it’s because the private sector is being “lazy.”  [Sorry.  I work in the environmental field and the answer is not that simple.  Some of the worst destruction of “environment” is by government (i.e. roads, infrastructure, etc.).  Folks need to look at where the United States is today versus where we were in the 1950s.  The environment has vastly improved.  The private sector has done yeoman’s work becoming more efficient and polluting less.  I am tired of hearing about how bad things are and forgetting about how far we’ve come.  The Industrial Revolution caused untold levels of pollution while increasing our standard of living and lifespan.  An affluent society can afford the types of environmental controls demanded by the left.  Perhaps he should read about China and India and the pollution there.  I heard that Americans don’t like to learn about other nations.]
  14. The United States is still to this day learning how to develop industry without destroying the environment.  [See above.  It’s just not true anymore!  Brownfield development is booming in many of the older, former industrial cities.]
  15. Due to industrialization, America “used to have terrible pollution … everywhere.”  [He’s got me there.  Very true.  He missed to opportunity to brag about how we’ve turned things around.]
  16. America’s role in the Vietnam war led to mass displacement of people from their homes. [True.  People suffer during war.  I do believe that the Vietnam war had two sides who contributed to that displacement.  I believe that the other side often hid amongst the local people thereby making it difficult for our soldiers, in uniform, to tell the difference between civilians and soldiers.  When he argues against our involvement in Vietnam he needs to remember that JFK and LBJ escalated the conflict and Nixon ended it.]
  17. America dropped more bombs on Laos than on Germany and Japan during World War II … more than 2 million bombs … “the bombs fell like rain.” More bombs, he said on several occasions, were dropped on Laos per capita than anywhere else in the world. [I don’t know if his numbers are correct, but I can agree that the military gets better and better and killing the enemy.  I am not sure of his point…then I remember that his “war” is about “winning hearts and minds”.  I like a reporter to ask him how that equates to winning so far in his administration.]
  18. We bombed the “simple homes” of civilians in Laos. “Villages and entire allies were obliterated.” The ancient Plain of Jars “was devastated.” Countless civilians were killed.  [Refer to my responses to 10, 16, and 17.  I really believe that for all, but a very few Americans who profit from war, Americans only want war as a last resort.  I also believe that most Americans believe that a strong and forceful military is a deterrent against aggression towards America.  Both of my grandfathers fought in World War I, my father and father-in-law served during World War II.  I had an uncle killed in France after D-Day.  I never knew him, but I still wonder what it would have been like to have had him as an uncle.  There are costs to war on both sides.  How many Americans were killed, injured or are still MIA from the Vietnam war?  How many were killed in WWI and WWII?  Let’s not forget the Civil War and how many Americans were killed to free the slaves.  War has casualties.  Does anyone with a brain really think that a weak America will result in fewer wars?]

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