Framing the Dialogue

Heaven’s Keep

heavens keepI had this novel figured out after about sixty pages.  As I read I realized that I had it wrong, but I had one character pegged as a bad guy…again wrong. Heaven’s Keep was not full of plot twists and turns, just a well written book about a man’s search for the truth about his wife.  Author William Kent Krueger set his story in the very rough country of Wyoming and an area dominated by an Native American reservation.  Hero, Cork O’Conner tangles with the local law enforcement (both tribal and U.S.) as he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding his wife.

Heaven’s Keep was not quite what I expected as a story.  I am not sure why I expected something different, but I was not disappointed.  Krueger spins a great tale with aspects of Native American life that opened up some of the issues related to life on a reservation and a struggle to survive while maintaining some identity.

Heaven’s Keep is a novel that I would highly recommend.

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