Framing the Dialogue

Heart Collector

heart collector 2Amazon has this great program for its Prime members.  Each month you are eligible for a free novel (Kindle version) of a new release, we usually have two to pick from.  It’s called Kindle First and is a great way to read something by a new author.  Unfortunately I hadn’t known about this program for a few years and I wonder how many good books I missed.  Oh and did I mention that they are free?  I love free.  Amazon surprise us in January and we were able to pick two from a choice of four.

Heart Collector was one of my picks for January.  If you have paid any attention to the types of books that I read you’d know that this is not a “Nicholas Starks” type of book.  This novel by Jacques Vandroux pits French investigators against a serious criminal and time.

“Captain Barka stood up.  Her decision was clear, irrevocable.  It would be war between her and the killer.  She wouldn’t let such a dangerous creature escape a second time.”

The Heart Collector was a riveting detective story and worth the read.

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