Framing the Dialogue

Hating America

The title of John Gibson’s book leaves nothing to the imagination.  The new world sport is Hating America.  You will not be surprised to hear that Arabs (AKA Everybody from the Middle East, except Israel) hate us.  You may not even be surprised to hear that the French hate us.  Who cares about the French?  I prefer Freedom Fries anyway.

I probably would not rock your world if I told you that the World hates George W. Bush or that the Germans hate us too.  Some my find it a little depressing, but we Americans do not really care what others think because we are arrogant.

What may surprise you is that the British hate us too.  And this is before the Obama’s insulting treatment of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his family.  Glenn Beck provided some great commentary on this gaffe. 

John Gibson relates many facts to remind us of the world that we live in.  We should all remember that:

  • Among those killed at the World Trade Center, two hundred choose to jump to their death rather than face the flames.
  • It was George Bush who reaffirmed Americas sovereignty when he said that “no collection of totalitarian states and past masters of dictatorship and newly invented states” would dictate law to the United States (referring to bowing to the United Nations).
  • A BBC correspondent reported from Paris that “many French people, who believed this was an illegal and hot-headed war, have been stunned by the welcome American forces received in Baghdad.”  Do you remember seeing much of that in the U.S. media?
  • We are hated because of our “undiplomatic tendency to match word to deed.”  They hate us because we walk the talk?
  • Europeans think they too should be able to vote for the American president – that it is a responsibility too weighty to be left to the ignorant American voters.

The only group that hates America yet was not addressed by John Gibson was Americans.   It seems like I cannot read the paper these days without some article about what is wrong with our country.  These America-haters include, but are not limited to; the left, Hollywood (ok they would already be included in the left), anyone who posts to the Daily Kos, most people who drive cars with bumper stickers more than four years old, and some believe, the residents of the White House.

The title of Gibson’s final chapter sums it up nicely for me:

They’re wrong.  We’re right. Get used to it.

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