Framing the Dialogue

Hard Impact

“That’s how he spent his life.  At the service of whichever high-ranking official needed him.  Sent across the globe, dropped in the middle of war-zones.  A combat operative for one of the most secretive and exclusive government departments on the planet.  Black Force.”

In Hard Impact, operative Jason King is dropped into the middle of the Amazon rainforest to try to rescue three hostages from a gang of drug runners.  Essentially King is one against a couple dozen heavily armed drug cartel members.  Oh, and if he is successful, he really doesn’t have a way out of the jungle.

This was a decent novel by Matt Rogers, and an enjoyable book to read.  Like all in this genre, the hero is bigger than life, but Mr. King endures a lot more than most…even stretching belief when we root for this hero.

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