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Happy, Happy, Happy

happySo I really enjoy the A&E show Duck Dynasty and it is a very popular reality show.  If you have not paid attention the show is about the family that makes duck calls, apparently really really good ones.  All of a sudden the Roberson family is everywhere and the founder and now author, Phil Robertson, comes out with a book; Happy, Happy, Happy.  It is in all of the stores, but I decided not to buy the book.  It just seemed like the guy was cashing in on his fame (he already has a fortune) and I didn’t want to give him more.  So what do you think that I get on Father’s Day?  That’s right!

The book is an autobiography of Phil Robertson’s life and in his word though each of his immediate family members contribute short passages.  This is a glimpse inside how Phil became Phil and what got him to where he is today.  From a poor upbringing to struggles with drugs and alcohol to the day he found Jesus.  If you watch the show you know that they end each episode gathered around the table for a family meal.  Phil usually says a prayer before they dig in.  I always liked this aspect of the show.  The Robertsons’ Godliness is real and compelling and even inspirational.  You have to love a loving family who answer to God.

“But I think what separates the Robertsons from a lot of other families is our faith in God and love for each other.  It’s unconditional, and it has been that way for as long as I can remember.  For me, the most dramatic part of every Duck Dynasty episode comes at the end, when our family gathers around the dinner table to eat one of Miss Kay’s home-cooked meals.”

One of my favorite things that I like to do with my family is a family meal.  It is amazing in our busy world that we often sit and talk over the dirty dishes; not wanting the time together to end.  The book is rather short and in my case spends a little more time on the different duck calls that I found useful, but it is well worth reading.  You probably shouldn’t be surprised that a guy who praises god and hunts is more than a little conservative.  I like that too.

“After living more than six decades on Earth, I have reached the conclusion that ducks are the most protected species on the planet…Unborn babies don’t have as much protection in this country!”

 “I’m more of a Christocrat, someone who honors our founding fathers and pays them homage for being godly men at a time when wickedness was all over the world.”

Look out as Uncle Si’s book is due out in September.

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