Framing the Dialogue

GZM – A Few Thoughts

At the risk of having my head removed from my body I have a few thoughts on the GSM (Ground Zero Mosque) controversy:

  • I don’t see how Americans can look for legal means to stop the construction of the GZM.  If we are a nation of laws and the mosque meets the standards and rules then it should not be prevented.
  • I don’t see how Muslims who claim to be tolerant would in their wildest dreams would consider putting a mosque anywhere near the site of America’s greatest terrorist attack and carried out by Muslims. 
  • I don’t understand how liberals fawn over a religious belief that at its roots diminishes women, gays, freedom and uses draconian punishments (stoning, hand removal, etc.).  The fundamentals of Sharia law seem the direct opposite of liberal views.  My guess is that abortion is not permitted in Muslim countries.
  • Neville Chamberlain
  • Islam is not just a religion.
  • Do you really believe that the name chosen for the mosque and the plan to dedicate it on the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center are benign coincidences?

So you want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

  • What American labor union workers would participate in the construction of a monument to the followers of the religion that murdered so many Americans?
  • What American supplier would supply building materials to such a facility?
  • Maybe we can require that the Muslims planning the mosque use the same bureaucrats that are rebuilding the World Trade Center.  The mosque wouldn’t get done for another twenty years.
  • How many protesters will show up each day to disrupt the construction of this facility?
  • Maybe the families of 9/11 victims should be given civil service jobs inspection the construction of the facility.
  • Who will be the first to build a gay bar, nightclub, synagogue,BBQ Restaurant, liquor store, casino, animal shelter, or Victoria’s Secret store next door or across the street?

WWMD (What Would Muslims Do):

  • If someone tried to build a Catholic Church or Jewish Synagogue in Mecca,
  • If a state tried to live peacefully in the Middle East yet was not a Muslim nation,
  • Are Muslims in Muslim-dominated countries tolerant of other religions?
  • What faith is practiced by the Taliban who brutally murdered relief volunteers in Afghanistan?
  • Barry Sortero should keep out of local politics.

We were talking at dinner tonight and my wife recounted her visit to Dachau concentration camp twenty plus years ago.  She said the theme was about remembering so it doesn’t happen again.  We should take those words to heart.



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