Framing the Dialogue


A little over a year ago I wrote about a groundswell that I felt and saw in the real America.  That groundswell was followed by a trickle as more citizens became enraged and engaged at the direction of our government.  The lame-stream media still shills for the Democrats, but a flow happened as even the staunchest Obama-phites could not resist the temptation to poke fun and point out hypocrisy. 

What is looking to follow since the Democrats have not stemmed the flow is the oncoming GUSHER.  The Democrats passed a highly unpopular and unwanted healthcare bill, spent money like they were printing it (BTW they are printing it – we’ll pay for that in 12-24 months), treated real Americans as if they were extremists, treated the extremists as if they were real people, and basically gave the finger to most Americans.  In the past liberals could count on most Americans to forget these type of offenses and either vote like sheep or stay home.  The gusher of anger, not violence, is still smouldering and it posed to blaze on November 2. 

Living in Pennsylvania in which state-wide politics has been dominated by Democrats over the last decade I am seeing severe desparation on the part of Democrat candidates.  The Democrats have pulled out their old playbook; Republicans want to take your Social Security; Republicans are in the pocket of Wall Street; Republicans favor the rich and hate the poor; Republicans hate education; Republicans hate blacks; Republicans hate immigrants.  It seems that these tired and false messages are not sticking this year. 

Perhaps it’s “just the economy” stupid that will determine this election, but I believe it is much much more.  There is a GUSHER coming.  I am thinking of a scene from the Disney movie It’s A Bug’s Life.  The scene, near the end of the movie, is where the ants (a metaphor for American citizens) finally figure out that they outnumber the ruling grasshoppers (a metaphor for our oppressive government).  Whether you are a Tea Party member, a 9/12er, a Reagan Democrat, or just a good old conservative you are all coming together to surround the ruling government class to oust them.  WE SURROUND THEM!

Next Tuesday should be fun.  An interesting blog by political guru Michael Barone gives a very interesting insight into this political season.  Barone is widely regarded as a moderate voice and not prone to left or right politics.  Here are a few of his recent headlines:

  • Public employee unions funnel public money to Dems
  • The world is coming to an end [referring to the perspective of Democrat leaders]
  • Voters fed up with Obama’s big, bossy government
  • Tea Party neophytes outshine Dems’ old pros
  • The perilous alliance between Democrats and public employee unions
  • Dems find careers threatened by Obamacare votes
  • They ignored us
  • The Democratic “D” now stands for demagogery

Things are looking pretty good for conservative voices in Washington, it may even be too late for an “Oktober Surprise.”  I do firmly believe that it is still not too late for Republicans to screw things up.  Let’s hope that Dick Morris’ predictions come true and Democrats are swept out of office.

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