Framing the Dialogue

Guilt by Association

guilt by association“I deliberately kept my eyes turned away from the end of the hall so I wouldn’t see the cop taping Jake’s door.  Even from where I stood, a strange stillness seemed to surround his office.  The memory of all the nights I’d sat with him there, talking about our cases, laughing about something a witness had said, was so vivid I could hear his voice, see him toss a mini pretzel into the air and catch it in his mouth.  Never again.”

Rachel Knight is a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office.  On her walk home from her office one evening she happens upon a scene where there are far more police and emergency vehicles responding in a neighborhood that doesn’t usually garner that kind of attention.  She is intrigued.  What she sees will change her life and force her to make decisions that could end her career in order to save a friend’s memory.

In, Guilt by Association , author Marcia Clark brings us the first in the Rachel Knight mystery series where Knight investigates a rape case where the well-connected father is pulling strings for results while she has to secretly look into the case involving her colleague where the feds seems all too eager to accept the easy path which leaves him holding the bag.

This was a very enjoyable mystery novel.  I look forward to reading more of the series.


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