Framing the Dialogue

Groundhog Day…Again and Again

Image result for jake tapper unhingedThis will be a short one.  Last week the lame-stream media went nuts over President Trump’s press conference…actually they became unhinged.  Perhaps taking a page from el Rushbo, President Trump predicted how the media would portray his performance at the press conference and did EXACTLY as he predicted.  The liberal PR department that is CNN became unglued during and mostly after the event.  The most egregious comments coming from Jake Tapper who is usually the most reasonable.  I guess CNN is rubbing off on poor ole Jake?  They just don’t like having their bias and fake news rubbed in their faces.

Here are some of the things that strike me recently…

  • The left-winged media is all over the contents of the leaked telephone conversations even though they don’t have any idea what was discussed.  But oh how they love to speculate.  What they don’t seem to be mentioning anything about the leaking of highly classified documents OR how NSA was illegally taping said conversation.
  • Rewind a few months to Hilary’s leaked emails from her “private”, illegal server.  The liberal media could not have cared less about the damaging contents of the emails.  In this case it was all about the leaker.  They’re damned sure it was Russia even though there doesn’t seem to be any truth.
  • The lame media treats President Trump like an equal and sometime like he is an inferior even though HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
  • The lame media treats Obama as if he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  • John McCain is unhinged and should retire immediately.  I was going to say “gracefully”, but it’s far too late for that.  I hear that the Muppets could use a third grumpy old man for their balcony hecklers.
  • I read a Yahoo headline (I think it was theirs) commenting on how President Trump is still campaigning.  A comment never heard in the eight years that Obama campaigned.
  • I saw a gentleman on Fox Business News who alleges that Obama is orchestrating the demonstrations against President Trump which have turned violent.  This needs to be investigated and prosecuted.
  • I would love for the DOJ to finally give us closure on:
    • Fast and Furious gun running scandal
    • IRS targeting conservative groups scandal
    • Hilary’s violation of her email server and mishandling of Top Secret document.
    • Bengazi
    • The Russian uranium deal
    • Pelosi’s land deals
    • Harry Reid’s land deals
    • How politicians become multi-millionaires on Congressional salaries
    • Voter fraud in the big cities

Okay that was longer than I had hoped, but once I got started…

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