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“Green” Activism is Red

imageA recent story by Breitbart News highlights one of the reasons that I started this blog.  A smallish group of elitists (I am VERY careful not to call them “elites” first because they are NOT and second because that’s what they think they are) decide to save the world. They do know best.  The link above will take you to the original article, but I just wanted to give you some highlights here. You need to read the article and pass it along to friends.

“It was the culmination of an intense burst of campaigning by left-wing pressure groups Avaaz,, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, BugLife and the Environmental Justice Foundation which erupted from nowhere last year.  One minute, no one had heard of “neonicotinoids”. The next, it suddenly seemed as though everyone knew for certain that this pesticide was responsible for the “colony collapse” devastating the world’s bee populations and that therefore it should be banned by the EU as a matter of urgency.”

 “So why, almost instantly, did I smell a rat…there was also the matter of the unseemly haste with which these campaign groups were trying to force the legislation through. And the fact that the bully-mob tactics being used here were so redolent of the ones I’d seen elsewhere used by environmentalists to justify their scientifically dubious campaigns against everything from the forestry industry to the harmless trace gas carbon dioxide.  Green on the outside, red on the inside: that’s what these Watermelon campaigns are really about.”

“The cumulative effect of all this is to give anyone coming fresh to the debate the impression that the science on neonicotinoids has indeed been long since settled by a variety of independent expert sources. Anyone questioning the validity of the apparently unanimous conclusions of this disparate research would, of course, inevitably run the risk of looking like a conspiracy theorist. What possible motivation, after all, could so many different scientists have for saying something that just wasn’t true?  Well the motivation in this case, we now know, was “noble cause corruption.” That is, these scientists appear to have been so convinced by the rightness of their cause that they felt justified in throwing honest enquiry out of the window and engaging instead in pure political activism.”

imageIs any of this “activism” sounding familiar?  How many times do dogooders screw everybody over and just walk away.  This latest scheme only cost an industry billions of dollars, probably many jobs and harmed the environment.  How can anyone be anything but skeptical of a seemingly unscientific scientific community.  This case is the man-made global warming cabal without the trillions of dollars being made by the scientists who do all of the “research” and “modeling” to prove that they are correct and should be given even more money to buy a new house…errr do research.  Someone is paying good money for this blitz.

The lame-stream media and schools are still pushing the global warming shtick while we seem to be headed for a mini ice age. That scares me more. Freezing to death seems more of a certain death than a rise in ocean levels.

I’ll leave you with this from the article as a nice finish and as further inducement, hopefully, to read the entire article.

 “it’s how the Green Blob rolls – the destruction of the global economy, in this case in its ideological war on the intensive agriculture which keeps us fed, being one of its primary objectives.  The only thing that’s different this time is this: for a change – as with Climategate – the lying, cheating bastards got caught red-handed.”

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