Framing the Dialogue

Great News…Great Day!

As we sleaze toward America’s midterm elections in three weeks I found a source of light.  I am enjoying the rapid decline of the Progressives, but the slime being brought forth is tiring to anyone who pays a lot of attention to politics.

I spent most of the day yesterday driving my daughter back to college from a break and then returning home.  It is a tiring day.  I tuned into Fox News and one of my new favorite shows, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.  Unlike many of her prime-time colleagues on Fox News, she conducts interviews and lets her guests talk without interuption.  She asks the tough questions listens to the answers allowing us to hear them too.

I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage of the Chilean miners’ recovery.  It was a surprise because estimates were that this was not likely to occur until after Thanksgiving.  The images were powerful and I was hooked staying up well into the morning watching as the first three miners were delivered to their waiting families and fans.  As of this writing fourteen have been recovered and we need to hope and pray that the rescue will continue successfully. 

How encouraging that so many things worked in the miners’ favor including their luck, their ingenuity, their leadership to allow them to survive until they were discovered more than two weeks after the collapse.  How encouraging that the best and the brightest were brought in by the Chilean officials to rescue their men.  How encouraging that the president of Chile committed himself and all of the resources of his government to achieve this success.  The actions of President Sebastian Pinera graphically illustrate leadership in crisis.  He has committed himself to this tragedy.  Contrast that to Barack Obama’s reaction and commitment to the Gulf Oil Spill and you’ll sure to be left wanting.  Sometimes politics need to be put aside.

As the countdown continues to complete success this story is sure to dominate the news cycle over the next few days.  Let’s enjoy the great news before the political slime reemerges.

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