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Googling Herself

A while back I was dismayed by an editorial/comment by one of the editors of the Costco magazine regarding Al Gore and Glenn Beck.  I took exception to a membership magazine disparaging Beck while hoisting Gore on a pedestal to schlep his most recent book.  My post, Costco Disconnection was perhaps my most read and certainly most commented on article.  You can follow the link if you want to read the original posting. 

I was not alone in responding and Costco Connection included what I considered a tepid “other side” of the global warming debate.  They, however, included a letter from a Michigan resident who still clings to the belief that Gore won the 2000 presidential election which further frustrated me as I indicated in my follow-up post.  One of the comments I received was from none other than the lady who believes that Bush stole the election.  You can read her original comment and my response with the original article.

Six months have passed and low and behold I get another comment from the lady from Michigan.  Her parsed comment follows (red italic) with my response (black):

I googled myself again to check out if I have any more labels slapped on me

I never slapped a label on her though she referred to herself as “nutty.”  I just report; you decide.

— anyhow, re your response — it is unfair to characterize liberals as ultra left wing whatever and as far as the holy grail, I have never read The New York Times (I stick with the Detroit Free Press) besides you should just summarize the “proof” Bush supposedly won, not refer me to some article. I did the courtesy of providing electoral college vote counts as proof to back up my contention that Bush cheated his way into the presidency.

Wow that’s a lot.  First I linked to a New York Times article that gave the results of their numerous recounts in Florida.  The NYT is at best a liberal standard bearer so I felt that liberals would perhaps accept what they have found to be true.  Bush won. 

Just because people down in the Sunshine State tampered with the evidence is the reason I believe, and I believe Fox news jumped on it and distorted because they wanted Bush in so badly.

Please provide PROOF that people in Florida tampered with the evidence.  Belief may have been good enough for Tinker Bell, but not when you slander folks by accusing them of cheating.  I have no idea how you perceived that Fair and Balanced Fox News jumped on it and distorted it.  I remember all of the news outlets jumping on it.  Do you happen to remember that NBC News actually called Florida for Gore BEFORE the polls were closed in the western (and conservative) part of the state?  It seems that they didn’t realize that Florida is in two time zones.  Their little “mistake” likely suppressed Republican votes in that region.  Those are facts.  

Today we are dealing with the backward greedy corporate agenda that Bush advocated and we are and will suffer for a while yet. What we have is We the People party and We the Corporate party. Too much corporate running things.

Yep too much corporate running things.  You live in a state dominated by Democrat politics for decades.  How are things in the great state of Michigan?  What is your unemployment rate?  How are housing prices?  I have family in Michigan and it seems like folks can’t even sell their homes and many have taken to abandoning them as they move out of state to work elsewhere.  Michigan has too much We the Democrat Party and We The Government Handout Party.  Please do yourself a favor and look at which party received the lion’s share of corporate donations during the last presidential election cycle.  I’ll give you a hint…it begins with a “D.”

Mr. Obama, who I feel leans to the right too much, especially re education reform, is trying to clean things up and get us back to work and improve the economy, but I feel the Christian right is a huge detriment to this country as well and does huge damage. Like this Tea Party, for example, that is an old-fashioned hate group similar to the KKK.

PRESIDENT Obama leans to the right!!!!!  You really have to stop listening to Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and MSNBC.  Education reform and/or No Child Left Behind was written by (drum roll) Ted Kennedy and Bush ran with it.  While Obama wasn’t a senator very long before he started running for president, he NEVER voted against a spending bill.  As you know the House of Representatives propose the budget…all the president can do is accept or veto.  I’ll give you some credit that Bush and the Republicans bear some responsibility, but the Democrats have controlled both houses for nearly four years and additionally the White House for over 18 months.  This economy and unemployment fiasco is all theirs.

I am not sure what the Christian right is.  There are fringe people on both the left and the right.  Most Americans are fairly fiscally conservative and socially moderate.  I don’t believe in a vast right-winged conspiracy any more than a George Soros lead left-winged cabal (maybe I do believe that).  If you knew your history of our founding you might have learned that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.  I would suggest the 5000 Year Leap as a start to your awakening.

Regarding the Tea Party.  I have been to Tea Party events and they are anything but hate-filled, racist, or like the KKK.  Please provide proof of your claims.  I have been there and have seen nothing of the sort.  The funny thing about you leftists is that you still believe that if you say something untrue often enough it will become true.  There is an alternative media out here and we citizens know what the media have done to us over the years.  Many are going back to take another look at what have been taught and told by the media.  You disparaged me earlier about linking to an article, but you cannot even provide that.

But as far as Al Gore, he would have been a better choice, he did win, and he is a thousand times the statesman these right-wing, folksy talking guys are, such as Bush. Their policies hurt a majority of people and favor big business — hey, the right wing is not for me!

I think that several women would agree with you.  Had he become president they may not have been assaulted by the sex poodle…allegedly.  Statesman Al probably is glad that he was not president also as that would have put a serious dent in his “making” an estimated $100 million since he left office.  Please tell me why his big business is OK when others are not.  Is General Electric ok?  How about Goldman Sachs?  What about General Motors?  Or AIG? 

I have one last question…who Googles themselves? 

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  1. P McPherson says:

    I think you need to get a life. I am a busy employed union member and the crazy right wing is a mystery to me. You and your type are mean-spirited, but, hey, I know there’s a lot out there like you, the types who worship the talking head like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and all those jerks that have nothing good to say and love it when people suffer.
    I’m not going to take the time to read the above crap you wrote. I’m too busy keeping a job in this f-uped economy that Bush left us with.

  2. Greg says:

    You are of course correct. I need get a life and give up trying to reason with you. I present you with facts and you, as a typical liberal, resort to name calling. If you decide to reply please keep hte name calling to a minimum and actually provide some facts (that are true). I would like to remind you that you are commenting on my blog so I feel a duty to reply. I have been respectful of you personally while I don’t have any respect for your positions.

    FYI George W. Bush hasn’t been president for nearly two years. This is Obama’s economy no matter how you try to spin it. You should worship at the alter of George Bush as he is perhaps the best thing that ever happened to you progressives.

    PS it really really hurts that you called my writing “crap” but at least you didn’t use a swear word.

  3. P McPherson says:

    What’s a “typical liberal”? The only facts you present are manufactured, i.e., those Florida chad stories. Math is an exact science (there’s no such thing as fuzzy math), — a candidate needs 270 votes to win, Gore had 268, Bush had 245 (close) and HAD to get those 25 electoral votes from FLA. So they created the facts you cite.
    Fine, it’s your blog, but it’s my NAME you refer to due to my published comments to Costco’s editor that caused a surprising uproar by the right wing (and they as a group tend to get in a snit when people disagree with them). While you may feel that calling a person a crazy lady is respectful, I do not. I call those terms “Stoppers” — tactics people who know they are wrong use to put down those who are correct in their thinking & analysis & get them to STOP speaking out, and one way is to call people things like “typical liberals” — (define that please) You simply need someone to disagree with your right-wing opinions so you can re-educate yourself and respect others’ rationale because you should do that. I think the right goes way too far trying to force their beliefs by acting all put out when others use logic (like math) to refute their comments.
    P.S. I did not know George Bush had an altar — is he now a god?? Usually Democrats are charged with cleaning up the mess left by Republicans in office — Clinton fixed Bush Sr’s mess too. Obama is trying to fix W’s mess while spending too much on defense — the old guns n butter — when we stop interferring in others’ affairs overseas, we will realize a better economy here. It’s called MYOB.
    Don’t be hurt — no need — there are no spelled out swear words in my writing — only allusions. There is a difference. And I did not appreciate those silly pictures of poodles, etc. Other comments (because I do think the tone of your article was intended to “put down” my mathematically-backed position about the 2000 “election” I am not one to fall for fabricated stories — To protect myself from identity theft, I google myself — read you should do that every so often. Try it!
    Florida is in the same time zone as Michigan — I do not know the people named, Oberman, etc., I do not watch those kind of shows, I watch the news only to get the weather report so I know what to put on for my long day at work — I watch Sundance channel (you know, movies in another language with English subtitles) — be sure and include that trait in your definition of typical liberal! We appreciate foreign films! And other cultures!!!

  4. Greg says:

    You are a “typical liberal.” I couldn’t define it better than you have demonstrated. Thank you very much.

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