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Good News…A Rise In Unemployment!

carlinSometime I wonder why I try.  I understand that newspapers rely on wire services to fill their pages, but I really don’t understand how Pittsburgh’s “conservative” paper can include drivel from the Associated Press on their pages.  The headline (with link);

Employers add 156K jobs

So really this is an anemic amount of job growth which they can only muster a description of “decent” adjective by the writer.  The real story is that the unemployment rate rose “slightly”.  Here is the mother of all kickers and I’ll quote straight from the article here;

“U.S. employers added a decent 156,000 jobs in September, even while an influx of job seekers lifted the unemployment rate slightly to 5 percent. The rise in people seeking work is an encouraging sign that Americans are more optimistic about their prospects.”

So these nimrods finally admit that the unemployment rate has something to do with the number of people actually looking for work; a fact that they’ve ignored since, I don’t know 2009?  Really with our “stellar” unemployment rate of around 5% our economy should be booming as 5% is nearly full employment when you factor folks moving in and out of the job market at any one time.  Our economy is not booming.  There are still nearly 100 million people who gave up looking for work and NOT counted in the unemployment figures.  How dare the Amalgamated Prudes now use these folks to explain that the uptick in unemployment is good news or an “encouraging” sign for the economy.  What. A. Load. Of. Crap!

I wonder over and over and over again whether the media is just this stupid or they think we are!

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