Framing the Dialogue

Good For The Goose, But The Gander…Not So Much

The famous phrase of “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” offers a message of justice.  I started thinking about that in light of recent events in the world and was astounded at how many examples that I found where the goose is treated differently than the gander…especially in politics and the Obama Regime in particular.

There has been much news lately about the U.S. Soldier who had some documented mental problems yet was allowed to continue service.  There were many who were notified of the soldier’s problems, but did nothing about it.  Sadly that soldier went off and killed many unarmed innocents in a rampage and was later caught.  The question that I want you to answer is who I am talking about.  Am I talking about Staff Sgt. Robert Bales who is accused of killing 16 Afghans or Major Nidal Hasan who killed 14 and wounded 31 others in Fort Hood?

Their cases are rather similar except that one seems to have been done out of some extreame mental duress (Bales) and the other out of religious zeal (Hasan who was reported to be yelling “Allah Akbar” as he did his killing).  Both acts are shocking and the murderers need to be punished, but in Bales case Obama’s Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, indicated that they may seek the death penalty while in Hasan’s case they have most recently used the term “workplace violenceto describe the murders.  Why is there such an obvious double standard?  Admittedly Bales murdered numerous children, but murder is murder and both acts were heinous.  Why does an American soldier killing muslims deserve the death penalty while a muslim-American soldier killing Americans get treated differently? 

Staying in Afghanistan…there has been much hand-wringing about the destruction of desecrated Muslim holy books by American forces.  Muslim prisoners were defiling (according to Muslim teachings) by writing in their holy book to send messages.  Upon discovery the books were destroyed.  Muslims throughout the Middle East were protesting the actions of only the Americans and Obama and a half a dozen of his cabinet members and generals bent over and apologized.  The Muslims’ gracious response was more protests and the execution of U.S. Soldiers there to protect their country.  I do believe that Americans are still waiting for an apology from the Afghan government.

The next gander who is cooked by The Obama Regime are those folks who suffer from asthma and use over-the-counter inhalers.  The Obama Regime is banning the sale of these life-saving devises due to environmental concernsUnfortunately these inhalers use CFCs as a propellant and CFCs are bad for the ozone layer.  This is a complex goose-gander case as the Regime is forcing numerous coal-fired power plants to close (or spend billions to upgrade) to protect people with breathing problems yet Obama doesn’t seem to care about their health when the environment is to be protected.  There are more expensive alternatives that also require a prescription – read that as much more expensive.  The thing that intrigued me is that the Obama Regime is all about removing these “harmful” CFCs from the environment from inhalers while his oldest daughter took 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents to spend spring break in Mexico.  Perhaps she could have stayed in D.C. and offset the emissions from the medical devices.  Take a gander at that suggestion.

The Obama Regime has taken strong stand to stop voter fraud and has decided to sue Texas over their voter ID lawThose evil Texans are trying to suppress minority voters by making them, of all things, show some form of identification when they vote.  Many other states are following through with similar laws so Holder’s attorneys are going to be busy.  I am proud that my state, Pennsylvania, recently did the same.  My daughter is taking an AP U.S. Government class and she chose this topic for one of her recent current events topics.  As we were discussing it I started to think about recent times when I had to show ID:

  • Certainly when I was going through security at the airport
  • Ditto when I check my bags prior to the above
  • I was asked to show ID when I used a credit card recently
  • I was asked to show ID when I wanted to purchase Claritin-D at a pharmacy.
  • I was asked once at a WalMart to show ID when I purchased spray paint (they didn’t sell to folks under 18).
  • I am older (looking) now, but you do need ID when purchase alcohol
  • Ditto that for tobacco products
  • The White House did check our ID when we toured there a few years back (Bush was in office then though)
  • I recently had to show ID to get a pass into the hospital to visit my new great-nephew.
  • Although I still maintain my innocence, I did have to show an officer my ID when he suggested that I was, perhaps, going a bit over the posted speed limit.
  • I have to show ID when I went into my local county office building.
  • Ditto that for a recent visit to the local federal office building.
  • Ditto that for cashing a check.
  • Ditto that when I signed up to join our local community center

I am sure there are more, but you get the point.  It is very very very hard to make a point about disenfranchisement when you have to show ID for much more mundane activities.  It makes you wonder what shenanigans they are trying to protect?

The next example is a case where liberal, Democrat, union leaders tried to block an attempt by Maine’s governor to remove a mural depicting the labor movement from a government building.  A court held essentially that the Gov. could decorate any way he wantedThis quote from one of those suing;

“We have a legal decision but nothing resembling justice. What’s been censored, what’s been removed and suppressed, is not just (the artist’s) free speech against the governor’s free speech or government speech — what’s been censored is our history.”

Free speech is, in their minds, protected when it’s their speech.  Gander at the next story where a high school outside of Pittsburgh is being threatened with a lawsuit because they have a monument with the Ten Commandments on the property.  A group from Wisconsin has threatened to suppress free speech and censor our historyWouldn’t the display of the Ten Commandments be an exercise of free speech…a part of our Judeo-Christian history?

The next example is part of the financial world and two “gentlemen” who used and abused their clients.  The first is the much vilified Bernard Madoff who swindled his investors in a ponzi scheme.  Madoff is a well know and hated individual who admitted his deceit, was tried, and is now in jail.  The other is a Democrat.  Jon Corzine, friend and confidant of Obama, is implicated in untoward dealings at MF Global that lead to a multi-billion dollar shortfall.   The only real difference, allegedly, is that one is a very good friend of Obama and the Democrats and the other is in jail.

I seemingly could go on forever, but wanted to finish on a lighter note.  It seems that convicted friend of Obama, Rod Blagojevich, will not be allowed to dye his hair while serving his prison term and is expected to turn very grey.  Yes this was a real news storyThe first gander is how Blago was convicted of trying to sell Obama’s state senate seat when no one was convicted of trying to buy it.  The second is that we can deny Blago’s hair dye when we provide sex change operations for prisoners.  I’d rather pay for a bottle of dye than an addadictomy.  I’m just saying.

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