Framing the Dialogue

God’s Middle Finger

I wasn’t sure when I started reading God’s Middle Finger whether the book was a novel or non-fiction.  As I read the Prologue I was pretty sure this was a fictional account of a writer’s journey “into the lawless heart of the Sierra Madre.”  The Sierra Madre mountain range is just south of the United States’ border with Mexico near Arizona.  The accounts of author Richard Grant are unbelievable except that they are believable.  One description of the Sierra Madre is that the rules of law and society have never taken hold.

When awareness that these stories were true accounts of his travels, I was in awe of his stupidity in putting himself in such danger and shocked by the disregard for human life by many of the lost souls who live there.  I am not sure how a backward society interspersed with drug lords and surrounded by corrupt police and army officials became a place that Mr. Grant wanted to explore.  But then again people jump from tall buildings with a small parachute.  I don’t understand that either.  That’s the great thing about books…I don’t have to go to the Sierra Madre to know that I’d NEVER want to go there.

This book contains a lot of violence and adult situations.  This is not one for the little ones.  The title is what intrigued me and after having read the book I am not sure whether God’s middle finger is aimed at us or at the poor folks go live in the forsaken country.

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