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Perhaps the perky, Pulitzer Prize winning Katie Couric had her greatest moment when she seemed to stump Sarah Palin when she inquired about what the former Alaska governor reads.  Months later Palin spun it that she was rather perturbed at Couric’s sophomoric [my description] question and not caught off balance.  Only she knows for sure.

After extensive research we at GMZ have discovered what magazines celebrities read.  No laws were broken by GMZ in obtaining this information:

Elin Woods:  After the hoopla over Tiger’s infidelity and Tiger’s family scooted from their home, GMZ was able to find out what magazine Elin Woods is fond of.  We, of course, thought that her choice of magazines was a little juvenile for a woman of her age, but who are we to judge?  Elin Woods reads Tiger Beat.  With a full year’s subscription you get a collector’s club and only have to pay shipping and handling.

Oprah Winfrey:  Rather than looking in the ratings rear view mirror at Ellen Degeneres rapidly approaching, Oprah seems to believe all of the accolades about being the queen of daytime television.  Queen Oprah has decided to step down and quit her show sometime in the future.  Is it any surprise that Oprah’s favorite magazine is one that always feature her photograph on its cover.  No not People, she favors The Oprah Magazine.

President Barack Hussein Obama:  Perhaps the only person Oprah might like more than herself is her Copenhagen traveling buddy Barack Obama.  When you consider that he has already written two autobiographies, he would agree with Oprah.  Being the “smartest” man ever to sit in the oval office and all of that Secret Service protection it was difficult to come up with BHO’s favorite magazine.  I guess he seems to be in good shape for a smoker who needs to “moderate his alcohol consumption.”  GMZ discovered that the Prez also likes Self magazine.

Roman Polanski:  Director Polanski unfortunately may be best known for tragic events.  One beyond his control when his wife and unborn child were murdered by the Manson family.  The other when he drugged and raped a 13 year old child “allegedly.”  The pervert never faced a jury of his peers when he fled prosecution.  For decades Polanski tempted fate by skirting through countries without extradition treaties with America.  He eventually got busted in Switzerland so hopefully he’ll soon face his victim.

Keith Olberman:  MSNBC’s resident moon-bat is famous for his rants.  Olberman’s delusional commentaries may have scared away all but the most far left viewers as his ratings plummet.  It is hard to understand why people don’t want to tune in to hear hate each night.  I think the only thing Keith has going for him is his strong voice and when he finally gets the boot from his show (and hopefully NBC’s football broadcast) he should have a long career as a game show host or maybe a game show announcer…”Mary Smith come on down!”  Keith’s favorite magazine is like him, MAD.

William Jefferson Clinton:  The former philanderer-in-chief obviously has an eye (and other parts) for the ladies.  Most former presidents have the class to retire quietly, but not ole Bill.  Most people don’t really know what makes Bill tick besides a love of the McDonald’s Big Mac, but GMZ found what his favorite magazine is.  That depends on what the definition of “is” is.  GMZ never heard that Clinton liked sports so we were a little surprised to find that he actually likes Sports Illustrated.  Oddly enough he only buy the February issue.  Word is that Hillary likes the same issue.

Elizabeth Edwards:  Ms. Edwards was only a gazillion votes from reaching the White House and with his tell-all book, Andrew Young gave us his glimpse of what people do and accept to try to get to 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd.  It is a drama that grabs headlines, makes people shake their heads, and reminds us how good we have it.  What did she know and when did she know it has to be the big questions.  Edwards’ favorite magazine is the one that was on top of the sordid story months before any other publication, The Enquirer.

Harry Reid:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) may be the most unlikeable politician on earth.  It is a wonder why the people of Nevada keep electing him.  He would be a good advertisement for the word “dour.”  GMZ investigators were shocked to uncover Reid’s favorite magazine.  It is not a surprise that Reid would want to read Charisma, but the surprise is that he has been reading it for so many years and still has none.  Charisma that is.

Nancy Pelosi:  Nancy’s Mile High club is a little different than what it is commonly considered.  The folks at Judicial Watch fought for years to find out how high she flies when she flies.  Pelosi’s tab is over $2,000,000 for a two year period.  Before you balk at that price tag, she did not fly alone and often was accompanied by her son and even her grandchildren.  Hopefully the grandkids did not consume some of the finer “beverages” that taxpayers paid for including; Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.  Does the documents released also mention that her U.S. Air Force jets have to be stocked with her favorite magazine; Planes and Pilot?

Anita Dunn:  The lip-smacking former Obama White House Communications Director had the light shown on her after a particularly interesting speech to a graduation ceremony.  To say the speech was bizarre would be an understatement starting with Ms. Dunn’s obsessive tick with her lips and tongue and capped off by her telling the class that one of her favorite philosophers is none other than China’s mass murdering dictator Chairman Mao Tse Tung.  Oh and the graduates were high school seniors.  Dunn tried communicating/spinning to explain how she could admire a man credited with murdering tens of millions of his own countrymen.  No doubt that Dunn is a fan of Redbook.  Fellow White House cast away Van Jones is also fond of this magazine.

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