Framing the Dialogue

Global Warming…Who done it?

UPDATE – December 16, 2008:  The Associated Press released the following article yesterday (12-15-08); Obama Left With Little Time to Curb Global Warming.   Some highlights of the phrases used in the article include; “ticking time bomb,” “time is close to running out,” “the time for delay is over, the time for denial is over,” “a matter of urgency and national security,” and my favorite; “We’re out of time. Things are going extinct.”  I love how Mr. Gore, who is quoted as if he were a scientific expert (he did win a Nobel Prize – mentioned in the third paragraph and they did mention that it was for “peace”) and the others never want to debate and are urgently warning that we must change NOW.  It takes until the 22nd and 23rd (and last) paragraphs for the AP to note that 2008 is actually cooler than previous years.  To them cooler temperatures is “proof” that there is global warming. 

“There is no longer a debate about the fact that global warming is real. We’re causing it.”  This is from a famous Al’s posting in February 2007 (sorry, no link to his web-site here.  He makes enough money off of global warming). Really!  The debate is over?

I did a search using the term “global warming” this evening and over 33 million items were listed.  To the credit of Google and my surprise, there were links listed on the very first page of folks that offer a differing view of man-made global warming.  Of course these folks are called skeptics.  Since Framing the Dialogue is going to be my niche, let’s frame this one.

Is there global warming?  There seems to be plenty of differing opinions regarding the Earth’s temperature.  We spent a week at Virginia Beach in July and I was a believer.  I also believed in Global Humidity.  And Global sand in everything.  It’s now December and the outdoor temperature is nearing 20 degrees.  I am not so sure about the warming thing right now.  I have read many articles and stories about the issue and, frankly, both sides make compelling arguments.  Who do you believe?

Is climate change caused by man?  An often shown chart used by that famous Al guy shows a startling correlation between the increase in carbon dioxide and a rise in the Earth’s temperature.  Pictures speak a thousand words.  The BBC aired and special a few years ago about Al’s Academy Award winning PowerPoint show/movie.  One thing that I remember is that they showed a close up of that chart.  While there is a correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature, what Al didn’t tell you was that the temperature rise happens before the carbon dioxide rises…only by a hundred years or so.  How can Al use that to support ending the dialogue?

He can’t!  I would like to join the masses and politicians and jump on the bandwagon, however, something doesn’t feel right to me.  Call it my spider sense or my “Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” but the race to end the dialogue does not feel right.  A court in Great Britain required that a school showing Al’s movie must also balance the movie by providing a list of the claims in the movie that are false.  I believe there are nine.

Where is the great debate?  I have never been exposed to a battle of experts having a dialogue about the issue.  I would like to see this debate. 

How about you? 

How about now?

I found a book about global warming written for young folks.  The Sky’s Not Falling! by Holly Fretwell (her name has to be a psuedonym – Fret Well???).  It has useful information in an understandable format for adults too.  Read a review here.

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  1. Walt1 says:

    Almost every day seems warmer than the last. Damn those SUVs Damn them to hell…Oh wait it is just spring time.

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