Framing the Dialogue

Global Warming At 10 Degrees

March 1, 2009 Update:  Columnist George Will dared to question the legitimacy of the man made global warming theory on Thursday.  His column appeared in the Washington Post and newspapers across the country.  You MUST read the column.  The furor started shortly thereafter.  You would think that he was Michael Vick hosting dog fights.  The global warming alarmists have a problem with Mr. Will.  He has a loud voice with which to fight back and that he did today with another column.  I love it!

As you read Mr. Will’s response, pay close attention to his last paragraph.  You may not have heard in the mainstream media about the faulty data collected and widely reported about diminishing sea ice.  It seems that the satellite under reported ice that was the size of California.  What’s 200,000 square miles among friends?

In an unrelated yet related story, Atlanta has been hit by a huge snowstorm.  It’s March, It’s the South, there’s global warming and yet Atlanta got 4 inches of snow.  Read about it here.

February 24, 2009 Update:  I stumbled on an interesting web site related to all news about global warming.  There is a great deal of information and I would advise that you take a look at the site.

Around two months ago I posted an article calling for a real dialogue on man-made global warming.  It seems that I was in error.  The debate is apparently over as is global warming.  The hysteria is still around, just not the evidence to back up the claims.

It seems that Russian scientists have conducted extensive studies of ice cores in Antarctica and were able to document the Earth’s temperature for nearly a half a million years. 

The good news is that you will not have to worry about catastrophic ocean levels rising to flood Manhattan or polar bears being stranded on melting ice.  The bad news is that Manhattan may end up under a mile of glacial ice and the polar bears will be hunting you instead of seal.  They may not be so cute when they stalk you.

I read a very interesting article by John Tomlinson of the Flint Journal about the recent findings.  Here are some facts that you probably have not heard in the mainstream media:

  • Last December 650 of the worlds leading climatologists stated that man-made global warming was a baseless myth.
  • The Earth’s temperature peaked in 1998 and it has been falling ever since.
  • Satellite photographs show that Arctic ice is back to 1979 levels.
  • Measurements of Antarctic ice shows that it is 5% over 1980 levels.

Now here is the really scary part.  Russian scientists believe that we are just ending the Holocene period.  The end of this period of warmth is historically followed by period (100,000 years) of cold. 

Many would call these cold periods an Ice Age.  In most parts of the United States, we get a glimpse of what that might be like.  It was 7 degrees when I left for work this morning, but I can live with that because I know that in a few months it will be 60 degrees.

I guess the global warming alarmists will have to find another CRISIS.  Maybe they will go back to global cooling as they did in the 1970s.  The good news for the media is that they can resurrect their articles (Time and Newsweek) from that era.  Unfortunately this time they might be true. 

Do you think Al Gore will return his Nobel Peace Prize?

If you want an easy to read book about man made global warming, pick up a copy of The Sky’s Not Falling! (read review).

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