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Glenn Beck’s Common Sense

As I listened to  his program last week, Glenn and Stu were discussing, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.  One thing that they were discussing grabbed me; our congressmen earn more than 95% of ALL American families.  In addition to the nice salary, they also provide themselves with such necessities as subsidized gym memberships, free parking in Washington, and even their own cafeterias.  These cafeterias are exclusive meaning you or I cannot eat there even though we are paying for it.  It is interesting that their salary always falls beneath any demagogued “rich” salary. 

These are the same folks who complain and want to set salaries and wages for corporate CEO’s and eventually all of us.  I guess in their mind that makes sense since they also set their own salaries and routinely give themselves raises.  I was told by my organization not to expect any kind of “cost-of-living” adjustment for at least two years, but Congress got their raise this year.  It seems that there was nothing that they could do to stop it.  They sleazily slide these measures into legislation so that the raises are automatic and they never have to routinely “vote” themselves a raise.

I went home that night and ordered the book from Amazon (I should buy stock in them since I buy so many books).  It took a little longer than usual for my copy to arrive, but it does sit atop Amazon’s Bestsellers list so demand for the book has been high.  It is interesting to note that three of the top four Amazon Bestselling books were written by more conservative authors (#1 Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, #3 Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tryany, and # 4 Dick Morris’ Catastrophe).   

In Common Sense, Glenn Beck takes aim (verbally) at an out of control government.  Beck provides a lot of examples of government tyranny and arrogance; “politicians aren’t like you and me.  They are like some alien life form who believes they are of higher intelligence, don’t have to live by the same rules, and have no personal shame.”  My guess is that the difficulty in writing this book was not finding examples, but deciding which of the trillions of examples to include.

An interesting suggestion noted in the book was one attributed from one of my favorite writers, Thomas Sowell.  Prof. Sowell suggests that we move election day to April 16 to position the day politicians seek our vote right after they have compelled us to send them vast sums of our hard earned money.  Glenn asks and I have to wonder whether it is just a coincidence that election day is about as far away on the calendar from tax day as possible.

The bottom line is that our elected officials really only care about their power and getting elected.  They feed us a little pork and we keep electing them.  These folks are no longer underground and most are quite bold about their agenda. 

A surprising organization that currently has 80 members is the Congressional Progressive Caucus included in this group are 11 (of 20) chairmen of congressional committees.  Over 50% of standing congressional committees are controlled by progressives.  There are probably more, but these are the ones who actually admit it.  Nancy Pelosi is no longer a member, but you would be hard pressed to convince me that she is not a progressive.

Glenn does a good job of providing us fuel to fire us up and he is always very careful to speak against violence (I agree).  What I found lacking and had hoped for was a more robust call to action for the average reader.  I felt my own call in November of 2008 and started this site, but many want to do more.  My guess that the folks that rushed out to buy the book are already the citizens who regularly call and write their elected officials.

I guess what I am looking for is a person who will lead and maybe that is what Glenn is doing.  To his credit, he released his book directly as a paperback and it is cheaply priced.  In his book, he does not really differentiate between Democrats and Republicans since they are all mostly the same, just to varying degrees.  His non-partisan critique of politicians should increase his voice and by virtue of this book, he is positioning himself as a leader.

We need leadership and a leader who already has a pretty big soapbox…say like the third most listened to radio show in America.

Two things that I am doing is changing my registration to Independent and am going to attend a local Tea Party this weekend, take pictures, and write about it.  I am also going to keep blogging.

What are you going to do?

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