Framing the Dialogue

Ghosts of War

After a rogue Taskforce member causes trouble (The Forgotten Soldier), their counterterrorism activities for the United States is severely curtailed.  The bad guys have no reprieve and continue to plot against the Western world.  In Ghosts of War, Putin and the Russians are back seeking world domination.  Russia’s actions are escalated to the point where a planeload of high level officials is attacked leading the planet towards World War III.  Can Pike Logan and his team unravel the layers of evil characters and stop further escalation?

“The boss of a criminal enterprise that stretched from Moscow to New York to the Levant, he could order the death of just about anyone, and yet his own life was forfeit to a megalomaniac in charge of Russia. And that was the crux. If he were ever to be free, truly free, he would have to deal with Vladimir Putin. And if his last tasking by Putin was any indication, he would have to do so now, before the president began sweeping away the
evidence like he had before. Simon was sure he wouldn’t be lucky enough for even a jail cell when the event was completed.”

Another home run by Brad Taylor.  I am gobbling up his Pike Logan thrillers and they are keeping me awake at night reading them.  I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes in a fictional novel…

“Unlike some of the press reporting coming out of America, he understood that they were but a trip wire for commitment of United States forces, and resented the people who screamed at the president to “show strength.”  Show strength, my ass. You pick up a gun and get your ass over here. It was the difference between involvement and commitment, like ham and eggs. The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed.”

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