Framing the Dialogue

Getting Naked

I was not deceived by the title of this book.  In Getting Naked author Patrick Lencioni uses a fable to outline his theory about “the three fears that sabotage client loyalty.”  I was in the middle of another book when this came in the mail.  I like to read when I have to eat alone and my book was in another part of the house so I started to read Getting Naked. 

Lencioni’s writing style is so readable that I read over one hundred pages that night.  The “naked” refers to customer approach that is named naked consulting.  The basic tenant is to show your humility when dealing with customers which goes against most of our instincts to show how smart we are.  Building relationships turn from client/customer relationships to true partnerships. 

Two of the principles that I take to heart is to admit my limitations and doing the dirty work for the client.  I would much rather out perform their expectations.  I do not downplay my abilities nor do I embellish them, but I strive to provide service. 

I have always enjoyed Lencioni’s books and this one did not disappoint.

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