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Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

The "Justice Brothers" -  Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General in the criminal division of the Justice Department Lanny Breuer.

If you listened to Obama’s State Of The Union Campaign Speech yesterday (I can’t listen to him anymore lest my head explodes) you’d think his administration is all about doing for the “main street” person, protecting the little guy, championing David versus Goliath.  Unfortunately his words ring hollow when Obama’s actions tell a different tale.  Imagine if, say the Obama Justice Department, chose to use “prosecutorial discretion” when going after law breakers.  You expect that to some extent as law enforcement should spend their time on the most serious crimes and Obama has promised to go after big banks who screwed customers using illegal practices,

“The evidence, including records from federal and state courts and local clerks’ offices around the country, shows widespread forgery, perjury, obstruction of justice, and illegal foreclosures on the homes of thousands of active-duty military personnel.”

That’s front page news!  Right!  You probably haven’t read about the prosecution of fraud because there really hasn’t been any by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  The big banks and lenders like Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Fannie, and Freddie.  Prosecution of these players for illegal practices would send a strong message to all lenders to straighten up and fly right.  No brainer?  So why hasn’t Holder cracking that whip?

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division [watch this to get a sense of Breuer], were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud, a Reuters inquiry shows.  The firm, Covington & Burling, is one of Washington’s biggest white shoe law firms…Reuters reported in December that under Holder and Breuer, the Justice Department hasn’t brought any criminal cases against big banks or other companies involved in mortgage servicing, even though copious evidence has surfaced of apparent criminal violations in foreclosure cases.”

 Please explain why actions by two of highest ranking people in the Obama Justice Department failing to prosecute thier friends is not FRONT PAGE NEWS!  Are “journalists” such Kool Aid drinkers that they cannot do some investigating?  If Watergate was perpetrated by a Democrat in 2010 would even a Deep Throat be able to get the story published?


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